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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Sunday 28 September 2008: Member's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:16
  • Present: members: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Justin Roller, Osha Roller, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Mark Stiffler, Penny Pobiecke), guests: Susie Anne Bartsch, Morris Lamrock, Selina Jansen, Guy Prouty, Rudy Siegers, Noj,
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in and quick introductions
    • Shannon- 10, clear, here.
    • Penny, 10- here, clear, ready to chat
    • Selina- 10, twitter ditto.
    • James- 10- grateful, sad coworker died
    • Noj- 8- still arriving, glad to be here. Been a while
    • Rudy- 9- try to be more present, grateful for yesterday.
    • Osha- 9- glad to be here, sleepy.
    • Justin- 9.5- glad to be here, happy for work we’ve done.
    • Jan- 7- stuffy, uncomfortable, disconnected from being sick, missed yesterday
    • Carol- 9- ready to go, feeling good.
    • Susie Anne- 9 – good, missed Jan yesterday
    • Morris- 10.2- full of love. Precious time.
    • Mark- 7.5- distracted with cooking.

Approved agenda

Approved August 30 minutes, September 5 minutes, September 19 minutes

  • Old business
    • Stewards Council
      • Shannon- working on carrying capacity. Ecology- lots changing on the farm. Had good walk with Jan and talked about soil, water November, how we envision plowing. Excited about water running on land all summer.
        • Reminder- Don’t drink water from the streams.
      • Jan- Getting about one request for information per day.
      • Carol- Balance in chequing- approx- $5924. Has Setup separate account for Class A shares. Will email balance sheets out.
        • Tree budget- Gave cheque for $400, and gave $200 donation, EcoR made about $40 on workshop. Dues are due so do pay them before the dew sets.
    • James- Report on open house- Tree workshop a success.
      • Shannon- do internal feedback on programs?
      • Mark- Bursaries for workshop from workshop income?
      • Jan- have non profit- run education through SEEDS.
      • Carol- History of SEEDS and how it came to EcoR’s hands.
      • Susie Anne- Mother wants to make a donation and wants tax receipt. How long will it take?
        • Response from J&C- Not sure. By early 2009 (hopefully).
    • Newsletter ideas:
      • Osha- Recipe
      • Justin- part 2 of you story
      • Susie Anne and Morris- Experience at Consensus workshop- Possible collaboration with Osha for press release.
      • NOTE- The deadline for articles is October 15.
    • Timesheets- Justin still needs to hand it in. Mark and Jan are working on web based form.
    • Open action items- What is this? Keep item on agenda. Reference previous minutes.
    • Garlic planting plan-
      • Issue- want to plan garlic at EcoR. Looking into pricing, did some soil tests, no fence, residents want to get hands dirty, way to start crop. North field down by the driveway. Did soil tests on that site. Didn’t look at chemical content, just did shake test in quart jars. Did 3 sites, left the holes, counted worms, also did 3 sites in north lawn in front of white house.
      • Lawn was moister than NE field. Lawn might be better place to put the garlic….?
      • Questions- Jan- budget for tillage? Shannon- will put in budget.
        • Susie Anne- Will person holding garlic be upset if we use other cheaper garlic? (Answer- No)
        • Morris- What varieties? (Answer- Czech and Yugoslavian hardneck)
        • Penny- Where to sell garlic? – Carol- Maybe build farm stand.
        • Susie Anne- Can we glean hay from sides of fields? J&C- yes
        • Rudy- Has garlic growing friend to introduce to Shannon.
    • Guy- add PROUT to agenda?
      • Possibly, or on Tuesday
    • Jan- Make request instead of proposal? Discussion around language usage of the word proposal versus request. No firm decisions made.
    • James request for hours
      • Questions- Jan- request to apply for hours further in advance.
      • Shannon- Hours need to be managed
      • Justin- Mechanism for last minute hour banking.
      • Penny- Requesting before the month you work the hours? Don’t do after the fact.
      • Selina- What is the punishment for not working all hours in labour policy agreement? (Answer- $15 per hour, paid to co-op). James clarified $15/hr is paid for shortfall
      • James reflected back about timeframe within which we can request “banking” of hours in event a member knows they will not be able to work full hourly quota
      • Selina – What happens in case of “emergencies” that prevent work quota for Co-Op?
        • James – compassionate request to community can always be made (extenuating circumstances)
      • Penny- Should we discuss an action item here?
      • Jan – rather than revisit existing labour policy, have an interpretive page. (Banking hours page has been created
      • Agreed Agreement to bank hours for James (Sept) to apply to October 2008

Agreed James will write a page linked to Labour Policy to explain procedure to bank in advance, yet extenuating circumstances can still be requested (eg. Death, illness)

  • Break for 15 min. Resume at 11:32am
    • Budget
      • Mark- Workshop would be long but worth it.
      • Carol- Put together items for budget and submit them with costs, and times. Preliminary work required.
      • Shannon- Leading up to point where people do that finance meeting, work together on project pages.
      • Selina- Create sub-committee for finances. That’s what other organizations do.
      • Jan- Project pages are on the wiki. Create them. Doesn’t work for operating costs. Encourage people to make project pages if they have ideas. Or send email with ideas.
      • Carol- When you make project page, email James and Carol with page.
      • Mark- Do agree on all premises. He did think that there would be a philosophical level discussion about vision and things that require outflow of money. Prioritize that meeting.
      • James- yes, do meeting,
      • Penny- Project pages need approval. Jan- clarify, boilerplate there
      • Selina- Make dream space in weekend
        • James- Hold thought to schedule
      • Mark- Touch base on email later.
      • Carol- Mark will create project page for allowing space for visioning session regarding finances.
    • Co-op interest payment for worktrade-
      • J&S work off hours-
      • James- history
      • Shannon – the “why”- Working more hours and making less money living here on site.
      • Carol- clarify that they’re not vested in house, but in fact paying off the vestment in house.
      • Jan- General principle. J&C are living on low means. Make general policy instead of personal one.
      • Penny- Appreciate generalizing policy for future members.
      • Jan- Constant state of flux, depends on budget, can’t depend on everyone working off financial commitment each year.
      • Noj- What does vested mean? Jan explained. Reference to ownership or ownership shares.
      • Osha- Hearing a contradiction in personal statements vs general statements. Jan clarified.
      • James- apologized for not making this general in context of policy.
      • Shannon- There are personal aspects to this policy.
      • Selina- Run numbers for future to make sure it’s sustainable.
      • Shannon- This is a 6 month trial period.
      • Susie Anne- Concerned about getting sucked down tunnel of discussion.
    • Programs-
      • [x] Penny- Has wildcrafting friend. James will talk to her [about doing a program]. (James Cowan)
      • [x] Programs- Justin- Rick Balfour? Workshop with him? Rex Wiler? Founder of Greenpeace. Doesn’t know what events he could do? His book is at Morningside. (Justin Roller)
        • James will talk to Justin and Penny.
        • [x] Morris- Use Stephen Jenkinson [for a program]. James will follow up. (James Cowan)
    • Tabled provisional member
    • Brainstorm- tabled
    • Teleconf’s – confirmed for Oct 3, 17, 31
    • Do members meetings on last weekend of each month in 2009? Approved in principle.
    • Carol leaving Monday and coming back on Sunday.
    • Penny Spring break March 29-April 5.
    • Susie Anne- Don’t do December meeting but do week long fun week in end Dec-January. Show & tell (personal and personalities), talent show.
      • Quick poll around the room of who can make it- All a possibility but Justin and Osha maybe (Atlanta?), Selina- maybe, family commitment, Noj maybe- Birthday that week.
    • Facilitator next Shannon, Carol minutes
  • Check out:
    • Shannon 10, Grateful
    • Mark 10, thank you for meeting
    • Penny- twinkle
    • Guy- 10- twinkle
    • James – Twinkle
    • Noj- 9, glad she came
    • Rudy- twinkle
    • Justin- 8.5 tired
    • Jan 7- JP on field scaring the goats (person who has farm lease picking up hay)
    • Selina 10
    • Carol- 9- hungry, tired
    • SA- 10- Stoked about a week
    • Morris- 7. Nice outside not sure about all business, tired.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15

Submitted by James Cowan 21:32, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

Reviewed by Mark S 17:58, 3 Oct 2008 (PDT) Reviewed by Penny 17:59, 3 Oct 2008 (PDT)

Sunday 30 September 2008: Brainstorm

This was a casual site walk brainstorm session on a sunny day. We asked people to throw out their ideas of what they saw possible on the farm structurally (man made structures and also landscape/wild structures). We tried our best to dream freely without shooting down anyone's ideas.

The tour started at the yellow house, went across lawn to pond, north of the hedge to the NE field (where Mark, Penny and Selina said goodbye), to the big field south of Moby, then after a short break we went through the trail and over the stream to our east-west lying field, then to the north south lying field, through the south community field to our forest and up to the old road, through the trail by the upper pond (it was comical getting the goats over the concrete waterway, through the community east-west field, through the trees behind the reservoir (James, Shannon and Morris stopped for a swim), along the road and home.

  • Here are the ideas, in random order:
    • Build farm stand in front of yellow house. With parking. Or deliberately without and people can park by church.
    • Maintain and possible expand ditch west of yellow house.
    • Hammock between pear trees.
    • Cob wall along fence by road with fig and olive trees and a lean-to for ginger.
    • Vegetative buffer along fence with maples, alders. Peppered with nut trees.
    • Self guided tour stations.
    • Coppicing hedgerows.
    • Walkway along inside of fence- wood chip trail.
    • Koi in pond.
    • Take driveway in front of yellow house out. It sits on wood chips and is killing the pear tree by exposing its roots.
    • Kids play area close to houses.
    • Stone arch by pond.
    • Kitchen garden to N of white house (where Sienna's Circle is now).
    • Future houses close to road.
    • Fruit processing facility East of pond in lawn or in NE field near alder and cedar just E of where 2172 gates will be, seems to be an old road in this field here.
    • Garlic in NE field. Swales ploughed on contour, and raised berms with garlic planted in them.
    • NE field- market garden or 100th monkey cafe.
    • Big central field- large scale food growing.
    • Extend shop E to Moby, storage, fuel production.
    • Greenhouses outside classroom circle.
    • Great hall on south west side of big central field.
    • Create separate shop and storage from classroom.
    • Bump out off of shop for outdoor kitchen.
    • Fiberglass domes for guest housing by shop.
    • The other field across stream that is east-west lying-
      • Dan Jason seed saving garden.
      • Blueberries, water feature, underground seep, labyrinth.
    • Woods at top of property- 10X10 retreat cabin, ecological forestry harvesting, wildcrafting, place land in covenant.

Submitted by: James Cowan 21:53, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

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