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Friday 19 September 2008: Member's Teleconference

  • Meeting brought to order at 7:08pm
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Justin Roller, Osha Roller, Jan Steinman, Mark Stiffler, Penny Pobiecke, Carol Wagner, guests: Susie Anne Bartsch, Morris Lamrock
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • James- great work party today
    • Mark- crazy week with work…
    • Penny- Truckin along, busy week at work, biodiesel club dealing with wash water. Looking forward to hiking in woods.
    • Osha- Really good, need to crack down on mortgage broker course… time’s running out. Justin- busy at school. Both being studious. Working on menu for next weekend.
    • Susie Anne- Driving since 4am this morning. Happy to be here back on the land.
    • Morris- Left on Monday, traveling for 41 hours total. Just arrived here. Swam, worked, toured, ate.
    • Shannon- (hi from Sienna), doing wonderfully. Hectic week, started yoga, not huge turnout but exciting. So much to share next weekend. Talking a lot with Tree about next weekend.
    • Jan- Got a lot done today. Not a lot of sleep last night.
    • Carol- Busy today, made cookies, gallons of blackberry juice, had visitors here last couple of days.
  • Topics:
    • Electric meters- No questions. James said he’ll email EcoR budget this week.
    • Tree Bressen sat night activity.
      • Shannon talked to Tree today and chose activity for Saturday night. Topic from Justin’s list- Community space. All of the items on Justin’s list kind of come back to community space. Does the topic resonate with everyone.
      • Agreed Saturday night's topic will be community space.
    • Heart circle
      • Jan- rather than ask for approval, just schedule it.
      • Penny- Can’t take Friday or Monday off. They need to leave on Sunday 3:30pm. Won’t arrive until Saturday morning.
      • Carol- Can heart circle be part of Saturday night? Shannon- Exploring options of Saturday night.
      • Justin- probably have to leave Sunday night too.
      • Mark- Tree facilitation is valuable.
      • Jan- Take advantage of Tree when she’s here. More difficult once Tree gets larger. Give Tree as much time as we can. We can do heart circles in the future but can’t do Tree all the time.
      • Agreed Tree session on Saturday night. Heart circle for whoever is left on Sunday night.
    • Tree Bressen budget-
      • Mark- If we request approval for something, post it on the wiki.
      • Jan- yep, link to something on the wiki if you’re requesting approval on something.
      • Agreed Revised Tree Bressen budget approved.
    • Open house food-
      • Jan- remind everyone to have pre-approved expenses instead of seeking reimbursement for something after the fact.
      • Agreed- Budget of $30 for open house food.
    • Membership steward-
      • James- explain cooperation idea with sharing membership application procedure OUR EcoVillage.
      • Jan- maintain simplicity and clarity. Does OUR process have extra verbage and no clarity? Maybe Mark can help do fill in wiki application.
      • Mark- would like to help in process. Do co-op rules need to be taken into account for incoming members?
      • Jan- Very few things restrict us. Our values and principles can determine selection. Non discriminatory (of course).
      • Osha- Membership steward is important role. Not ready to take it on at this time. Who wants to volunteer for this position?
      • Carol- Understand about the timing.
      • Jan- Good to nail down the position. Not feeling any great rush.
      • Will stay the same for now (Jan doing). James will help. Mark, James and Jan will work on revamping the stewardship and application.
      • Jan- don’t let Osha get away scott free. Osha- Recipe stewardship?
    • Permission to share membership application information with OUR.
      • Jan- not worded well on agenda. As long as it’s stuff on the web already it’s okay. Concerned that it was actual applications.
    • DLC visit in January 2009-
      • DLC not coming in November. Community Farms roundtable at Fraser Commons community. EcoR would like to benefit from when DLC comes and hopefully DLC comes for a visit and possibly do workshop.
      • Possible DLC coming next summer PDC before or after July 20-29 (when she’s here doing another workshop).
      • Penny- Yay for the summer!
  • Check out-
    • Osha- Good meeting. Nervous about presenting membership steward. Can’t wait to see everyone.
    • Justin- Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.
    • Mark- Appreciate everyone spending time. Energized after meeting.
    • Penny- Been fantastic meeting, looking forward to next weekend.
    • James- Appreciate large agenda. Bring calendars for next weekend
    • Morris- Here to see if they want to move here. Come talk to us and see what makes you tick.
    • Shannon- Really appreciated light heartedness and joy. Glad to be in the group.
    • Jan- Thank Carol for facilitation. Getting us through long agenda and ending in good cheer.
    • Carol- Thank you to everyone who participated in joyous manner.
    • Osha- Liked the new picture on the homepage

Adjourned at 19:47

Submitted by James Cowan 21:55, 22 September 2008 (PDT)

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