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Wednesday 13 August 2008: Resident's Teleconference with Golden Shield Qi Gong

  • Meeting brought to order at 10:04
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Felicity Kelly, Rudy Siegers, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner
  • Facilitator: James
  • Recorder: Jan
  • Introductions
    • Felicity: The school began at this site in June 2004. David and Katherine Kincaid purchased the property and had plans to do something similar to what EcoReality is doing, but had to leave due to family health reasons. They remodelled the studio space in the barn. They had a separate doorway into the current storage area, used as a "mud room," but Three Point closed it off. We've always hoped more things could happen in this space.
  • Topics
    • Key figures for Qi Gong
      • Felicity, Jingui Senior Instructor
      • Rudy Hexter, Golden Shield and Capoeira Instructor
      • Rudy Siegers, Qi Gong student and unofficial site caretaker
      • Ron, treasurer?
      • other "elders" or "parents" of the school, including Kirsty Barclay (sp?), who is inactive, but is listed as the corporate "owner" of the group.
    • Scheduling
      • Capoeira group is informally run by Rudy Hexter. It is still unclear what arrangement they have with the Qi Gong group.
      • Felicity makes Qi Gong schedule:
        • classes are twice each month on Sundays
        • schedules a quarter in advance
        • can be flexible
        • current schedule is on line
      • ACTION: [x] Fix broken EcoReality calendar system, and set up classroom booking system. (Jan Steinman)
    • Insurance
      • Felicity: none currently, researching policies for "wellness centres," and will share that research with Shannon for her Yoga practice.
      • Jan: when farm policy is finalized, we need to understand what it covers. It is supposed to cover educational activities with general liability. May be adequate for these classes.
    • Porta-potty
      • Felicity personally owns
      • It is pumped once a month for $35
      • Can sell it back to vendor at any time
      • Would love a humanure or composting alternative
    • EcoReality's intended use of studio space
      • Shannon's yoga classes: Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning
      • EcoReality workshops: will tend to be clustered around last weekend of each month
        • Immediate need: Adam Perry's talk on Sunday, 31 August, 7-9 PM.
      • Art Studio
        • Qi Gong not ideal partner, as they "throw stuff around" from time to time.
        • Jan: need to get past application and Jury process for Studio Tour in October, then have until next summer to have something worked out.
        • Felicity: sessions where they throw could all take place outside.(NOTE- Felicity said that her lessons on throwing (once per month) could be taught outside. Rudy and Rudy have both said that throwing is a regular part of the warmups in their practice (3+ times per week) and would not ideally take place outside in inclement weather).
      • Photography classes
        • Eight consecutive evenings, fall and spring.
        • It has been 7-9 PM Thursdays, but that could change.
        • Conflicts with I-Fit sessions
          • Felicity: will re-schedule I-Fit, proceed with booking the photography classes.
    • Parking
      • Jan: sorry about recent activity in parking area while moving the last loads out of Sharp Road -- commitment to keeping that area generally clear for studio parking.
      • General agreement that the berm (except for Rudy's tomato crop!) is a useless waste of space
        • Jan: we are slowly removing it, and plan to have the berm space available for parking
    • Rent
      • Discussion about Qi Jong time needs and GST.
        • Jan: we should get a GST number.
      • AGREED: Qi Gong will continue paying $500 plus GST (NOTE- GST is now 5% so the correct amount of GST is $25, not $35 which is what Qi Gong has been paying) for their regularly scheduled times, and will expect no compensation for EcoReality's use outside those times. EcoReality can book time that Qi Gong is not using. Various students (Qi Gong, yoga, whatever) can book the room for private practice, meditation, etc. as available, after the Qi Gong and EcoReality time is booked.
      • Jan: recognition that Qi Gong is giving up some flexibility to accommodate EcoReality, suggest EcoReality provides long-term lease in compensation.
      • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Jan will draw up a written agreement for Qi Gong's use of the classroom. (Jan Steinman)
      • ACTION: [x] Felicity will give Jan a liberal estimate of the number of monthly hours Qi Gong expects to use the classroom, for incorporation into the agreement. (Felicity Kelly)
      • EcoReality will figure out a rent structure for other uses of the space.
        • Felicity: time in such a facility runs between $12.50/hr and $30/hr.
    • Cleaning and Maintenance
      • Discussion about light bulbs, suggested that Qi Gong and EcoReality split costs of light bulbs and other routine maintenance.
      • AGREED: Cleaning policy: leave it as good (or better than) you found it. Rudy Siegers agreed to be classroom steward, and will take care of nominal maintenance needs, but is empowered to nag people and groups who do not take care of the space.
      • Felicity: groups could be charged a cleaning deposit that would be turned over to Rudy S if they leave the place a mess.
    • Improvements to space
      • Jan: long-term, would like to extend classroom into barn, with divider for two small classrooms or one large one, with south greenhouse/atrium to provide passive solar heat. Shorter term, would like to replace halogen fixtures with ones that will take CFBs.
  • Next Meeting/Facilitator
    • Next meeting set for Tuesday, 16 September, 11:00.
    • Facilitator: Carol
  • Check out/Gratitude
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:14

-- respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 13:26, 13 August 2008 (PDT)

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