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Thursday 7 August 2008: Resident's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order at 10:04am
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • Jan 8- fun having family here but unable to focus. Not able to focus on email.
    • Carol- 8.5 – feel good after hike. Hike was fun with glitches
    • Shannon- 9-9.5. Feel good after hike. Scattered after move and people coming. Calm after yoga and good sleep. Excited about this meeting and starting yoga business and apple picking.
    • James- 8- Scattered with stuff.
  • Topics
  • Approve Aug 2 minutes Tabled.
  • Shannon gave Qi Gong cheque to Carol. Discussion about getting SEEDS up and running to run education activities for EcRealirty.

Question about Qi Gong rent- the amount is $535 which seems like it’s $500 plus GST. Does EcoReality need to charge GST for commercial rental?

ACTION: [x] James ask Ron if Qi Gong is expecting to pay $35 GST on top of the $500 rent. (James Cowan)
ACTION: [x] Look into GST number for EcoReality- is it required? If it is optional only, is it a benefit to the co-op?. (Carol Wagner)
  • Proposal for Greywater Treatment Leachbed to West of White house
    • Do more thorough plan with drawing, materials list and timeline.
    • Shannon will work with Jan on design.
    • Plan is to salvage materials (possibly ask Rudy to help).
    • Make plan for workshop for final installation.
    • Make plan to include both houses.

ACTION: [x] Ask Gavin about gravel. Is there a good source of gravel on the property? (Shannon Cowan)

  • Shannon yoga plan- Plan was emailed. Shannon reiterated the plan. Done some market research. Emphasis on marketing to the south end.
    • Liability insurance- Shannon could get it on her own….? EcoRealiy may have educational activities covered under their insurance.
    • Need to read policy carefully and do more research.
    • Jan suggested that Agriculture be worked in to the program. Shannon will give out handout to students that will have diet, lifestyle, food growing etc.
    • Does Qi Gong have liability insurance? Shannon to research.
    • Join the Chamber of Commerce? Might be too expensive.
    • Jan offered to help Shannon with graphics and posters.
  • Classroom- Kickback to Qi Gong? Need to talk to Felicity about getting a written agreement and negotiate terms. Possibly a video conference?
    • Want to make sure that the agreements are clear and that we’re not taking advantage of the gracious nature of the Qi Gong group. They have had complete access to the space 24 hours per day and now that we are sharing the space will they be losing out on practice time? Do they expect compensation?
    • Discussion about how much Shannon would pay as rent. 60/40 split is suggested. It’s noted that not all workshops cost the same to the instructors. Possibly a sliding scale or varying price structure?
    • Yoga classes, workshops, art in the windows? Possibly use as studio space. Studio tour inspection is in October so that would be the time when they need to apply and have someone come see it as a tour inspection. Studio tour peak season is typically from April-September.
    • Possible move some weekend classes- EcoReality have use the last weekend of every month for workshops?
    • Have Rudy and Rudy (instructor and caretaker) involved in conference call with Felicity?
    • Propose every 3 months teleconference to check in about classroom with all major players.

ACTION: [x] Contact Felicity to setup tele/video conference (James Cowan)
ACTION: [x] Create fee/rental structure for co-op (Carol Wagner)

  • James- Change double person on task from last meeting. (looks like it has been done)
  • Discuss resident meeting time options (New developments since last meeting).
    • AGREED- Resident meetings will be Tuesday mornings starting in September.
  • Confirm facilitator for next meeting- August 26th- Carol.
  • Check-out
    • Jan- 9 - Grateful for James and Shannon energy
    • Carol – At least a 9- echo appreciation for staying on top of things
    • Shannon 9 – Blessed and appreciate the ability to live here.
    • James 9 - Grateful for being here and having permanent houses.

Adjourned at 11:04am.

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