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Saturday, 3 February 2007: Membership Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:05
  • Check in:
    • Carol- 8 - preparing all week for meeting, a little fuzzy in head, not sure why.
    • Jan – 8 - light headed (maple syrup?) grateful for interesting month
    • James- 10- ready to go
    • Shannon - (left room to tend to Sienna)
  • Old business
    • Approve agenda
      • New agenda items proposed:
        • James - James, Shannon and Sienna schedule for the year.
        • James - Co-operative name.
      • Agenda approved
    • January 6 minutes approved.
    • Finance report:
      • Balance is $153.65
      • Hydro bill $480.79 (being reimbursed by members)
      • Water bill $32.76 plus parcel tax (once yearly) $195.00
      • Proposal made by Carol that James and Shannon could pay for insulation in exchange for Class A shares to input some money to the bank account.
      • There was a discussion about the finances in the co-op and how a cheque had bounced in the account due to insufficient funds. It was observed that the bank account is low and there are operational expenses coming up and the only income at this time is the rental income from the cottage. A challenge with the financial situation is that members cannot be issued class A shares for reimbursing the co-op for operational expenses. James observed that Property taxes will be due in July and that the co-op will probably not have the amount of the property taxes (an operational expense) in the bank account.
      • Daniel (cottage tenant) has opted to pay full rent for February and probably not do any work exchange.
      • James agreed to set meeting with Daniel and members will meet 10 minutes beforehand.
    • ACTION: (from 20070106) James will provide a timeline for all the stuff that needs to happen for this event, by the February meeting. COMPLETE
    • Review to do list moved to Advisory council meeting
    • Elizabeth May – didn’t stay here, had a potluck at EcoReality with 8 people, went to hear her talk at the High School.
  • New Business
    • Advisory Council meeting planning
      • Moved garden plan to advisory council meeting, moved to do list to Advisory council meeting
      • Shannon has an idea of interviewing each other to create constructive feedback.
    • No advisors planned at this time
    • Work party planning
      • Carol proposes to use whiteboard to host list of duties to do for the work party items. Part of the board will be used for meetings.
      • Insulation needs to be completed by the end of February 19 to receive the grant.
      • Insulation is the priority for work partying.
      • David Atkins arriving on Sunday for WWOOFing
    • Discussion on WWOOFERS:
      • Carol- beyond work partying, will the meals be paid for by the co-op for work WWOOFers? AGREED
      • Discussion regarding wwoofer meals on partial days. WWOOFERs will contribute 2 hours of work for each meal or pay for meals if hours were not worked AGREED
      • (later on there was a discussion that EcoReality will have at least 1 day off per week where a long stay (at least 1 week) WWOOFer will have 3 meals provided free of charge) AGREED
      • ACTION [x] Shannon making a checklist for welcoming wwoofers. (Shannon Cowan)
      • ACTION [x] Shannon making template hardcopy spreadsheet for keeping track . (Shannon Cowan)
    • ING meeting planning
      • Prepare for kitchen deluge, possibly do garden plan presentation
    • Cleanup after weekend:
      • Checklist is now on the wiki, it includes items such as: Wipe counters, clean up bathroom sinks, wash out compost
      • It was noted that on January 12, 2007, James and Shannon (with 2 WWOOFers) left the house in a hurry and did not properly secure all of the doors or do a thorough cleanup.
    • Recycling – changes to the location of the indoor sorting and also the outdoor containers are on the back porch under the grape arbor.
    • Securing the premises- make sure doors are locked- use checklist on the wiki before being the last one to leave the property. Doors are harder to close with the new weather stripping.
    • Income classifications – Any time money is collected, fill out form that is in open finance hanging file in the office or let Carol know what the money was collected for and what income classification it is.
    • BC Hydro bill
      • Jan will put meter on cottage to monitor hydro usage. Jan will evaluate cost, feasibility, legality, and procure parts for the installation. AGREED
    • Biodiesel operations – proposed ideas for labour and profit distribution:
      • Set market price for biodiesel. Price is set at $1.25 per litre. AGREED
      • Discussion around volunteer compensation for advisory council members who help out with biodiesel operations. For example, every hour volunteered for biodiesel operations gets you "X" amount of discount off biodiesel purchase or "X" amount free litres. Decision Tabled until next month- how much do biodiesel volunteers get compensated for their time.
      • Jan will continue to loan the co-op the money for biodiesel operations and will be paid back from biodiesel profit. The current amount Jan has lent the co-op is: $272.31. Jan will be paid back when the co-op agrees that the finances are adequate. AGREED
    • Newsletter- Every member needs to do one article per month for the newsletter.
      • James suggested that we add newsletter to the meeting agendas and we all commit to it at the members meetings.
        • Shannon- Did one that didn’t get published. Shannon will place article on biofuels on wiki for this month.
        • Carol- Garden plan
        • James- wwoofers
        • Jan- Editors choice
      • Deadline for submission to Jan is 2 weeks before members meeting unless otherwise determined.
    • Organizing volunteers, interns, WWOOFers - Not sure who added this agenda item.
      • Discussion about welcoming steward. Need to prepare info packet.
      • ACTION [x] Shannon and Carol will develop Timesheet, map of saltspring, ferry schedule, welcome letter. (Shannon Cowan)
    • Ongoing list of tasks for WWOOFers - put on whiteboard? COMPLETE
    • EcoReality name – co-op will be spelled with a hyphon, not as coop. AGREED
    • Residents meeting planning. Already discussed
  • Closing
    • Check out
      • Shannon- would have been 9 checking in (she was with baby, Time away in Mexico was wonderful and much needed. Check out at 8.5 – hungry, needs protein, baby finally sleeping, allergies getting down. Appreaciative for careful and conscientious communication today.
      • Carol- 9.5 thankful for good communication, ability to work easily
      • Jan- 9. Sorry for no break,
      • James 10 feels good. Grateful for the communication today.
  • Meeting adjourned, 12:35.
Respectfully submitted, James Cowan 16:51, 12 February 2007 (PST)

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