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Saturday, 4 November 2006: Members Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:07
  • Check in:
    • Carol: 7, headache, didn't sleep well
    • Shannon: 9, grateful for support, vision problems and tired
    • James: 9, kind of a fog, not great sleep, excited to meet others coming to Advisory Council meeting.
    • Jan: 7, distracted by all there is to be done
  • Old business:
    • Agenda approved, with two additions, and a request for a break around 11:
      • Additional phone services.
      • WWOOFing membership.
    • Last members' meeting minutes approved.
    • Finance report
      • Bank account balance: $798.14
      • Expense sharing schemes discussed:
        • All are arbitrary; it's impossible to come up with something that is totally fact-based, so goal is to recognize that and come up with something that feels fair to all, and that will work into the future.
        • Three options presented, all based on ratios of relative space and time usage:
          • Product: advantage: simple, disadvantage: quickly becomes vanishingly small if usage is small, doesn't account for un-measured externalities
          • Inverse-sum: advantage: weighed to keep minority users from getting out of most expenses, disadvantage: difficult to understand
          • Least squares: advantage: weighed to keep minority users from getting out of most expenses, disadvantage: difficult to understand
        • AGREED: we will divide actual utility bills, using the inverse sum method.
      • We need to track guest-days for budgeting and planning:
        • [x] Shannon will maintain a guest log on the calendar in the garden log book with Carol's help. (Shannon Cowan)
        • [x] Shannon will come up with an average guest-person-day expense with Carol's help. (Shannon Cowan)
    • Open action items:
      • ACTION: (March 5) ALL Finalize membership procedure
      • ACTION: (August 5) Jan implement membership procedure changes approved at 20060805-1
        • All but the financial disclosure form have been updated, will be finished by Tuesday's meeting
      • ACTION: (April 1) James/Shannon prepare Steward's statements for wiki and press releases DONE
      • ACTION: (August 5) Jan will connect watt-hour meter to cottage so that electricity can be billed separately
        • Temporarily tabled, more materials/study needed.
        • Jan: the shop is coming off a breaker in the cottage, so it isn't fair to bill renter for this electricity, particularly when biodiesel processing fires up.
        • Jan will research daisy-chaining the shop off the non-measured side of the power meter, and come up with a bill of materials needed (short bits of #0 aluminum wire)
      • ACTION: (October 2) Jan will draft letter to property seller, proposing a payment plan for the surprise tax bill. DONE
        • Seller has not cashed check, and so has not accepted terms of agreement.
        • [x] If check has not cleared by Nov 11, Jan will send another letter, explaining that we are not going to pay anything unless we have an agreement on the payment plan. (Jan Steinman)
      • ACTION: (October 2) Carol will hang calendar in studio DONE
      • ACTION: (October 2) James & Jed will come to some agreement for the value of his work on wood for work-trade DONE
      • ACTION: (October 2) Jan will mount fire extinguishers near each woodstove
        • 1/3rd done, will mount the community room one "soon", and will work with Daniel to make sure the cottage one is done.
      • ACTION: (October 2) Jan will inspect and maintain woodstoves before heavy use this season
        • Downloaded manual for stove, recommend we purchase the gasket set to install
        • AGREED: we will purchase a gasket set for the stove.
      • ACTION: (October 2) James will prepare a membership FAQ on wiki by next meeting in process
  • New business:
    • Advisory Council meeting planning
      • First half on introductions and organizational history.
      • Second half: some brainstorming on communications and conflict resolution.
    • Work party planning
      • Much depends on weather!
      • Jan: indoor stuff: closet shelving, closet lighting, biodiesel processor wiring
      • James: wood cutting, gardening, deer-proofing garden, compost stirring
      • Carol: install pull-out shelves in kitchen
        • James: perhaps this is too big a task for the time and skills available?
    • Determine 2007 meeting schedule
      • Stick to first Saturday, except April 14 (instead of April 7) to avoid Easter holiday.
      • [x] Jan will update schedule on wiki. (Jan Steinman)
    • Telephone additional features
      • Carol would like call waiting and caller ID, reports you can get three features for ~$14/month.
      • Suggested that either call waiting caller ID, or voice mail could be third feature.
      • [x] Carol will select features and cost and report back with a proposal. (Carol Wagner)
    • Hosting the February ING Meeting
      • AGREED: EcoReality will host the February ING meeting.
      • [x] Jan will add the February ING meeting to the schedule.
    • Joining WWOOF organization
      • James reports cost is $55, and requires an 80 word description.
      • AGREED: we will join WWOOF, and we approve the description as posted.
      • [x] Carol and James will prepare a check and send out the WWOOF application. (James Cowan)
    • AGREED: Proposed modification to procedure for obtaining Class B shares
    • Proposed provisional member definition and terms
  • Closing
    • Carol: 9, grateful for rain and the stretching break
    • Shannon: 9.5, really hungry, getting so much done, appreciate between meeting times as well, appreciate clear agreements on sharing space and energy.
    • James: 9.5, headache, grateful for getting stuff done.
    • Jan: 9, appreciates everyone's energy and the motivation that J&S bring each month.
  • Meeting adjourned, 12:04.
Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 01:48, 5 November 2006 (PST)

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