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Sunday, 29 October 2006: Finance Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:43
  • Check-in: "presence level", personal appreciation, and a few words about yourself
    • Shannon: 8.5, grateful for Carol's always offering help, has an awareness of self-resistance, and a commitment to work in that area.
    • James: 10, grateful to Jan for broad knowledge and willingness to share it, in the mode of finance after struggling with budgets in his job.
    • Jan: 9, grateful to Shannon organizing food and planning meals and group care, fractured over recent travels and a full personal agenda.
    • Carol: 9, grateful to all: Shannon for planning, James for cooking, Jan for being her buddy, distracted by her cold and so many things to be done.
  • Proposed agenda approved by all.
  • Review of EcoReality finance structure:
  • Review of EcoReality expenses and income:
    • [x] ACTION: Carol will come up with a proposed monthly expense assessment by the November meeting.
    • Discussion over cost of meals and accommodation for people who are not working
      • AGREED: we will charge non-working, non-relative guests for meals: $2 breakfast, $4 lunch, $4 dinner.
      • AGREED: re-affirmed our previous agreement that non-working, non-relative guests pay $10 per person per night for indoor accommodations, and $5 per person per night for outdoor accommodations, children under 12 free.
    • Work trade guidelines
      • AGREED: we set work-trade value at $15/hour
      • [x] ACTION: Jan will look into self-entry system on wiki (Jan Steinman)
      • AGREED: we will send our hours to Carol via email once weekly by Saturday midnight. Hours unreported over two weeks are lost.
      • Shannon: how do we decide what work gets done?
    • (lunch break)
    • Improvement budgets and plans
      • AGREED: we will make pages like those on Category:Projects for project we would like to see done. These projects will follow a template, and include entries for:
        a brief statement describing the problem to be solved with this project
        a fairly detailed description of what the project involves
        Goal or deliverable 
        a description of the desired outcome, stated in a way that allows measurement of success
        Timeline, schedule, or end date 
        a description of major milestones
        a bullet list of intermediate actions required to accomplish the project goals
        Financial budget 
        what it will cost
        labor budget 
        specific labor amounts required of specific individuals or skill sets
    • Farm planning
  • Closing
    • James will facilitate next finance meeting
      • unscheduled, any member can call for a finance meeting as needed
      • James will "vibes watch" for the need for such a meeting
    • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
      • Carol: 9.5, didn't sleep well, but enjoyed discussion: "I love working with all of you!"
      • Jan: 9.5, glad for clarity, so many things are clear in his mind, and he appreciates other's questions.
      • James: 10, good meeting, summarized many past discussions
      • Shannon: 9, a bit tired, appreciative for time and attention everyone put in, all have clear interest in finances, great starting point, great time to have our own "house in order" with a new resident coming.

Meeting adjourned at 14:09.

Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 22:58, 29 October 2006 (PST)

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