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Monday, 2 October 2006: Members Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:02
  • Check-in:
    • Shannon: 12, happy to be on SSI and to be facilitating, wants increased compassion.
    • James: 9, happy to see change of seasons.
    • Jan: 8, still thinking about biodiesel processor workshop and past things, looking forward to focusing on EcoReality stuff.
    • Carol: 9, cleaning/organizing mode, liked all the people here this weekend.
  • Activity
    Due to schedule constraints and lack of preparation time, this month's activity is cancelled.
  • Old Business
    1. agenda approved, with three additions:
      1. added "discuss way of organizing projects"
      2. added "cottage"
      3. added "overnight fees"
    2. approved September 4 minutes
    3. Finance report
      • $706.62 in bank, but ~$1250 in bills outstanding, due to property tax surprise, high water bill, cottage tenants backing out.
    4. Open action items
      1. ACTION: (March 5) ALL Finalize membership procedure
        • ACTION: (August 5) Jan implement membership procedure changes approved at 20060805-1
        Extended to November 4 meeting
      2. ACTION: (April 1) James/Shannon prepare Steward's statements for wiki and press releases
        Extended to November 4 meeting
      3. ACTION: (August 5) Jan will connect watt-hour meter to cottage so that electricity can be billed separately
        • James: should we just add a utilities charge instead?
        • Jan: that would defeat the intention of the energy meter, which was to provide an incentive to renters for reduced electrical use
        • AGREED: original agreement to install meter stands, with James doing more research on the legality
        Jan will commit to doing before new tenants begin in October
  • New Business
    1. What to do about surprise tax bill from property seller?
      • [x] ACTION: Jan will draft letter, proposing a payment plan. (Jan Steinman)
    2. Need to have a good long discussion about finances, and a residents' meeting, and a sharing meeting
      • AGREED: to spend considerable time on these topics next month
      • AGREED: everyone will have their membership application materials printed out by next month
    3. AGREED: proposals for coop "projects" should be put on the wiki, using one of the existing project pages as a template
    4. AGREED: the person adding items to meeting agendas will put their name with those added items
    5. November/December schedules:
      • James/Shannon on Salt Spring October 27 through November 7
      • Advisory Council meeting Saturday, November 4
      • Residents' Meeting: Saturday, October 28, 13:00
      • Finance Meeting: Sunday, October 29, 10:00-16:00
      • James/Shannon on Salt Spring Friday December 1 through December 6
      • [x] ACTION: Carol will hang calendar in studio DONE! (Carol Wagner)
      • Long term: Shannon has one class March - August 2007, then back to work full-time September 2007
    6. Firewood plan
      • Burn mill slabs first, since we no longer need them for the biodiesel processor
        Perhaps the best ones should be saved for livestock housing?
      • [x] ACTION: James & Jed will come to some agreement for the value of his work on wood for work-trade (James Cowan)
      • [x] ACTION: Jan will mount fire extinguishers near each woodstove (Jan Steinman)
      • [x] ACTION: Jan will inspect and maintain woodstoves before heavy use this season (Jan Steinman)
    7. Cottage
      • Jan and Carol will interview people as needed
    8. Membership procedure
    9. Overnight fees
      • Discussion: non-residents should not expect to be able to stay here for free, unless they are in a work party or some other event that includes accommodations.
      • AGREED: We will charge $10 per person per night for indoor accommodations, or $5/person/night for camping, unless the stay is for a work party or similar event, or immediate family member (parents, siblings, their partners and children). Accommodation fees do not apply to children under 12 years of age.
        Some debate over per person charges for camping, re-visit next meeting.
    10. Work party planning
      • firewood priority, Jan will start
      • pruning
      • decks, Jan will start
      • vapor barrier
      • mulching
      • farm tax status application, Jan
      • topographical survey, Jan will plan, Jan and Carol will start
  • Closing
    • Carol will facilitate next members' meeting
    • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
      • Carol: 10, energized, wants to jump right up and start doing things
      • Jan: 10, really enjoy working with James and Shannon
      • James: 10, but fading fast into hunger, grateful for the way we do our business dealings, glad Jan and Carol are home for good
      • Shannon: my unspoken goal at beginning was to get everyone to a "10" today -- glad it happened! Grateful for ability as a group to be tight and open at the same time; the four of us operate much better than one or two could

Meeting adjourned at 11:47.

Respectfully submitted, Janemail 14:41, 5 October 2006 (PDT)

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