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Saturday, 8 July 2006: Members Meeting

  • Meeting Brought to Order: 1045am
    • Present: Shannon, James and Jan Steinman and Judi Binns, Shannon's mother, an invited observer; Carol was absent at the last minute due to car repair in Oregon.
    • Facilitator: James
    • Recorder: Shannon
  • Check-in:
    • Jan: 6 not all here because of missed ferries and concern for Carol with car trouble
    • Shannon: 9 happy and present
    • James: 8.5 making the shift to island time
  • Old business
      • ACTION: Shannon investigated organic certification process with following results:
        • 3 yr transition is needed, records of previous farm inputs needed from previous owner of Sharp Rd property, records of current inputs (ie. rabbit bedding) needed
        • the list of "allowable" organic products/chemicals for use/presence on entire property is very strict - includes paint types, oils, etc. and needs close scrutiny before filling application
      • ACTION: (May 6) James will contact ING about hosting one of their monthly meetings.- Tabled for this year (suggested by Jan, to be approved at next meeting Aug 5 when all members present)
      • ACTION: James investigated WWOOF registration for EcoReality.
        • 40$ + 15$ for listing in directory, 80 word description space, need to state accommodations
        • put on October meeting agenda to revisit and submit late fall for 2007 directory
      • ACTION: (May 6) Carol to create separate cost centers for: house, cottage, and grounds. - tabled to next meeting
      • ACTION: (April 1) all to prepare Steward's statements for wiki and for press releases - carry forward - All stewards statements completed by August 5th please!
      • ACTION: (March 5) all members to test drive application process at this meeting
        • members to bring hard copy completed application to Aug 5 member's meeting
        • Shannon and James gave feedback that it was a valuable process, needs refinement
      • Membership issues; debate/approve the following: (tabled until Aug 5th)
      • [x] NEW ACTION Shannon to investigate following about certification process: (Shannon Cowan)
        • will certified organic bring higher value to property
        • what are the rabbit bedding/mulch constituents - done organic produce fed to rabbits, woodchips and straw from Foxglove is also organically grown (as reported July 12 by Jenna at the SPCA)
        • what is the cost of the application for organic certification?
    • reimbursement for groceries purchased for work party consumption, towel holders, t paper holders, utility bills, electrical work, and misc.
      • Carol to do accounting/reimbursement for Coop expenses to date - done July 10th with all members present
    • Promotion and venue for Diana Leafe Christian's public presentation - see new actions
      • [x] NEW ACTION James to archive whiteboard; Garden Log handwritten account on paper - to put this on wiki by Aug 5th (James Cowan)
      • [x] NEW ACTION Shannon to book a venue for DLC Aug 18th evening public talk - done, Lion's Hall Saltspring Island - $25/hr for four hours starting 6pm (Shannon Cowan)
      • [x] NEW ACTION Jan to create advertising promo for Aug 18th DLC public talk; to submit as an AD in the Driftwood, Island Tides, Advisory email list, other bulletin boards, NICA, FIC, SEEDS, BCICA, ECONEWS, etc. (Jan Steinman)
      • [x] NEW ACTION Jan to create promo for Aug 19/20th to send to Advisory Council email list (Jan Steinman)
      • [x] NEW ACTION ALL MEMBERS to make phone calls to follow up with Advisory Council members and invite them to Aug 19 and 20th workshop with Diana Leafe Christian. Use the March 5 meeting notes each one of us took <not on wiki> to find your list of Advisory council members to phone. Please complete this by August 5th meeting. (All)
    • Procedure for obtaining Class B shares
    • Talk about cottage rental- timelines, options, vision.
      • Intention in writing: By September 1st (August 1st if possible) EcoReality will have a cottage renter (or more) who is (are) interested in participating in the Advisory Council of EcoReality, and who meet(s) the approval of all Members. We want financially responsible, trustworthy, community-oriented, expressive person(s) in the cottage to contribute to EcoReality with his/her/their presence and energy (and efforts for possible work trade for Aug only).
  1. 12:45 Closing
    • Carol will be facilitator for next meeting
    • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation:
      • Jan-7.5-8 still foggy
      • Shannon- 9
      • James- 9
  2. 12:45 Working lunch

Advisory Council Minutes, June 3, 2006

  • Stacy missed a ferry, and arrived late.
  • Marianne outlined her ecovillage vision.

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