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Minutes - February 12, 2006

  • In attendance: Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Sharon de Souza, Colin Hamilton, Terry Lavender, Wendy Lopatecki, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.
  • Catch-up:
    • Jan explained the forming of EcoReality, beginning in September with visioning process; October - initial governance; November - location priorities, chose the name, two-level sturcture; December - training in concensus scheduled, membership procedures; January - values exercise, membership criteria; February - concensus accepted, land pruchase using a For Profit Coop.
    • Shannon shared about the workshop with Renee (concensus) and Jan talked about bringing Tree Bressen up from Eugene.
  • Check in and introductions:
    • James - Presence 9, grew up on Vancouver Isl. In band out of High School, now produces music and organizes concerts, kayak guide, part-time ambulance driver and met Shannon and shared goals about ecovillages, did some traveling and looking at other ecovillages. Value - Nurtured respect. Stayed at a 9. Felt good to go over the values and get feed back.
    • Stacy - Coming from the US, here on study permit expiring in one month, but has applied for Immigration. Finishing Masters on Art Education. Works at UBC Farm with children. Learning about agriculture. Presence 6. Value - being in action, committment to knowing other people and caring. Committed to the process.Made it to an 8.5+ Feels more connected, more tangible.
    • Shannon - Presence 9. Learning was a big focus in her life. And learning is different from real life. Her life vision is a larger family and the earth. Has visited Findhorn. Met James. Value - Relationship to community. Took on a project - BCICA, BC Intentional Communities Association. A functional way for communities to connect, share resources. Check out at a 9. Appreciation for everyones presence.
    • Sharon - Interested in agriculture. Spent time on Linea. Learning about the west coast environment and attitudes. Born in Africa. Living simply and close to earth. Background in geology. Activism. Created community garden. Value - Respect, compassion for each other and the earth. Interested in permaculture. Presence 7.5 Gathering information about the group. Feels like a 9 moving to a 10. Looking forward to sharing food and talking more and the openness of the group
    • Terry - Grew up everwhere - military brat. Met Sharron in Ontario. Missed community moving often in the military. Looking for community of other like minded people. Values Tolerance and acceptance. Presence 5.5 Works full time and full time Masters student. Also just moved. Checking out at an 8 and appreciates being welcomed into the circle. Felt a part of the process.
    • Carol - Presence 8. Did’t sleep well. Air Force brat, moved alot. 8 Brothers and Sisters. Loves family gatherings. Suburbia feels empty. Met Jan 8 years ago, on a path now. Excited to be here, thrilled with friends. Clarity. Value - Honesty & open communication. Check out still an 8. Try to takes notes, gets in the way.
    • Jan - Presence 9 Ill at ease yesterday. Grew up on a farm in SW Michigan. Lived on the same street for 19 years. When he saw his first mountain, knew he could not return. Worked on the farm and learned to manage a budget. Got into technology, engineering. Wanted to get back to sustainability. Concerned about energy resourse depletion. Led him to look for an island to be more secure. Feeling like there was no more to be done in suburbia, set out to get involved in an ecovillage. Share all the values that have been brought up. Believes in clear written documents and good understanding about the meaning of word. Checking out at a 9 and appreciate Stacy for coming back and Terry & Sharron for coming and participating.
    • Colin - Presence 8 on his way up to a 9. Walked to conservancy with children and lost track of time, moving to be present here. Born and raised on Vancouver Isl. Has done extensive traveling. Lives on Pender Isl. Smaller than Salt Spring. Loves it there, great sense of community and good place to raise children. Lots of closeness with neighbors. Surfer for whole life. Lives for surfing. Lived in Sooke and did not like it there. Looking for community and looking for land on Pender with other families. Value Non-violent communication, renewal energy and sustainability. Check out, made it to a 9.
    • Wendy - introduces Taeven & Ceder. Glad to be out of the car and streets, it is so different from Pender.
  • Agenda:
    • 4:30 Values workshop for 1 hour, 5:45 closing, appreciation, select Facilitator for next meeting, 6:00 potluck.
  • James talked about how we picked Salt Spring, larger community base, employment opportunities.
  • Non negotiables - leaving in rough state for now.
  • Values will be left in “wet cement” so that any time there is a change in the community, i.e. new members, purchase land, these will be revisited.
  • Concensus used agreement process. Will use the three card system for decision making: Green - I agree, Yellow - I can live with it, Red - I want a better way and am willing to help create it.
  • Discussion: Green - A comment or question, Yellow - I can clarify or need clariication, Red - Stop-off topic, need a break or check process.
  • Discussion Guidelines:
    • Be brief and to the point
    • Stay on topic
    • Consider what is good for the group (including yourself).
    • Provide opportunities for all to speak
  • James went over the concensus guidelines on the wiki. Used as a delegation and ratification process.
  • Jan demonstrated the use of thumbs up (green card), thumbs down (red card) and thumb wavering to the side (yellow card)
  • Values workshop - Look at the values list and come up with firmer meanings
    One person will read a value and we will discuss it.
    • 7. Inspiration creative activities: photography, yoga, music, carpentry, dancing... singing, story telling, arts for social justice, ceramics, wild crafting, medicinal, teas, food, creative construction. cooking, baking, writing, reading, playing games. Creativity brings community and shows individuality.
    • 4. Emphasis on empowering people through personal responsibility and accountability supported as needed by others.

Allowing someone to take on something they did not know about and letting that be ok and being able to ask for help. James and Shannon’s experience at their old house.

    • 1.Sustainability in all its forms:
      • Commitment to growing organic foods and gardening for community consumption and possibly sales via farmstand/farmer's markets and value added products. 1st emphasis is sustainability in community then surplus can be sold.
      • Commitment to Permaculture, creating an ongoing model for the land. This is essential
    • Ecological action: Permaculture for the entire land, land stewardship, preservation of ecological & energetic services in designated areas, ecological agriculture in designated areas, living on the land while honouring its carrying capacity.
      • Growth of the ecovillage in population and development is carefully managed, balanced by new members, children, project action, decline and death
      • Low-impact- as part of the sustainable model- Working with the land as much as possible to keep as many natural resources intact (or in a renewing cycle as determined through careful study and management) as possible. Slightly different than permaculture
      • Resource sharing: assessment of skills and owned items inventories within the ecovillage, with clear guidelines on what is available for use and the conditions or special considerations with each item/skill. Respect boundaries, resource use set up.
      • Sharing of items, ideas, and skills that are existing within the community or brought in by one party, neighbour or partner intentional community. Merge with Resource sharing
      • Sustainable actions in building, food production, development etc with ecological preservation in mind. Combine with 2nd &3rd above
      • Sustainable energy generation & use. Ideally with an off the grid system that is tied in to the grid for use during low self energy production periods and the option to sell back during surplus times.
      • Working together to share hard work in all aspects of the ecovillage- Labour, administration, emotional well being, day to day tasks, etc.

Prioritizing capital investments. All working together to get a job done, looking for a specific word....

    • 9. Communication & feedback. similar to non-violence, listening to others, leading by example, golden rule, what goes around comes around.
    • 8. Simplicity
    • 5. Clear written process and agreements: Move communication to above.Village feel move to permaculture.
    • 2. Adherance to non-violence in all its forms. Discussion of non-violence to non-human animals. need clarification on this. Humane treatment of all animals in the ecosystem.
    • 10. Loving relationships All good with this...
    • 12. Global impact: Finer definition of diversity, cultural based, diversity of thought diversity of people (ages, race, cultures, sexuality, religion), floral, fauna, ideas, thoughts
    • 3. Education: Clarification through word crafting.
    • 11. Spiritual awareness: Needs more clarification
    • 6. Compassion & love
  • Carol has agreed to facilitate the next meeting.

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