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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

In attendance: Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Jan Steinman & Carol Wagner

  • Approval of 12/31/05 minutes
  • Approval of consensus as our decision making method.
  • Concensus training scheduled for 2/11/05.
  • Guidance documents still in process. We may go over them tomorrow and approve them.
  • Shannon proposes that we make a process for approval of decisions. Members will review documents one week prior to approval.
  • Jan proposes doing decision crafting on the wiki. Do pre-concensus on the wiki before we come together to agree on it.
  • Set up a proposal process - like the six components of a proposal. To work more on this later.
  • Discussion of Property B - Jan will steward the process and see it through.
  • James proposes a snap shot page of the wiki. The top line values and goals, to make it easier for someone to get a sense of who we are without having to go through the whole wiki. Jan said that the home page covers most of it, but James will fine tune it.
  • [x] Carol will steward the logo committee. Jan will work with Carol. Any other ideas can be forwarded to them. (Carol Wagner)
  • Reviewed and updated to do list.
  • Pet and population draft on wiki - James - done.
  • Everyone work on skills inventory to pare down to one page.
  • Resources inventory - Jan - not done.
  • Shannon to add study group stuff (ideas) - ongoing
  • Stewardship pages on wiki (All) - ongoing fill in the red links
  • Jan fill in land search page - a good working draft started.
  • Jan will enter results of values exercises and brainstorming. - Done
  • Jan will roll results in first draft vision, mission and purpose documents. - Done
  • All will review and revise guidance documents - these documents are still in a draft process. What do we need to do to finalize them?
    • Vision Statement is the who and what
    • Mission Statement is the what, elaborated, and how
    • Purpose is the why
  • First thing to ratify the values document and to revisit it whenever there is any significant changes, i.e. purchase land, new members. Tomorrow night to do the first “wet cement” ratification. At such a time we chose to share these with the advisory council, it will be discussion only.
  • Removing the non-negotiables from the values page to a seperate page.
  • New Business:
    • Deferred 6 proposals to Saturday night. Which we may or may not complete.
    • Financial structure brainstorming.
    • Set up a for profit coop to hold the land - Agreed by concensus!

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