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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Where: 2151 Maple St, Vancouver BC Canada

Present: Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.

  • Consensus Exercise by James - We achieved group consensus in 5 minutes on ranking the five people in a fictitious story based on their relative ethical behaviour.
  • Consensus Brainstorm - Our Goals for workshop with Renee
    • all Members able to facilitate consensus, to train/orient others to work in consensus model, potentially to train outsiders (not Ecoreality Advisory) in same
    • orientation workshop for others in advisory council
    • send Renee our new consensus model page Consensus
    • policies that are ready for ratification on Feb 11 Consensus Training with Renee include
    • other policies in progress include: membership agreement, membership procedures, finance structure, coop rules, more
    • other policies of top priority for progress include: financial resource management, investment and timing; land criteria policy; land buying process; co-op options discussion and ratification of co-op model chosen by Members
  • Advisory council voting rights discussion
    • any decision reached by consensus with Advisory must also be passed separately by Members
    • Advisory to be made aware of this fact before involvement in any voting
    • absentee votes not possible
    • discussed possibility of online participation in discussion, proposal and ratification by consensus
    • Members conclude that due to different learning styles and lack of consistent online participation or discussions at this point in time, absentee voting on proposals via wiki are not beneficial to whole group, and so will not be practiced for the time being
  • Decisions and Actions made today as a result of discussions include:
    • [x] Jan and Carol to offer on South End Saltspring 6 acre property including house, cottage and barn to act as Ecoreality headquarters for interim group process and formation (Jan Steinman)
    • [x] Shannon and James to investigate HRDC grant for RRSPs to see if feasible for co-op model first time home buying venture and to investigate tenants in common also (Shannon Cowan)
    • [x] Shannon and James to determine amount they will be able to invest in purchase of this property (Shannon Cowan)
    • Incorporation as a Co-op or joint tenants in common is imminent during subject removal period for this 6 acre purchase
    • Saltspring Island still best option by Member decision, Pender Island #2 due to on-island economies of scale and potential for income for Members according to their current vocations
    • [x] James to confirm with other potential members, Colin and Wendi, whether they are open to Saltspring option for land criteria as #1 (James Cowan)
    • Land purchase for final phase Ecovillage is still high on priority list, but Jan and Carol's purchase is decided as best move for the group in the short term so that their Canadian landing serves the top priorities of growing our cash investments, providing a heaquarters on one of the islands of choice and providing two members with income potential for the short term
    • Interim property purchase will not inhibit final phase land search or buying capability based on leverage we have as group of four members

Next Members meeting tonight Friday February 10, 2006 at 7 pm

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