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This a request, open for discussion. It has not been deliberated to consensus by the villagers. It will be agreed, modified, or tabled at the meeting of (not scheduled).

Sept 5, 2008- EcoReality has a need for a membership steward. Someone who can discuss the membership procedure with potential members, work with provisional members on their transition to membership and also keep current members apprised of progress (with current and potential members). The membership steward would help to clarify step-by-step membership procedures for potential members (particularly those who aren't comfortable or familiar with using the Wiki). This person would be responsible for working with members to make sure that everyone's membership files and applications are up to date.

(Note- currently Jan as communication steward handles most communications with potential members. Jan does a great job and his knowledge of the co-op structure and history is invaluable. Having someone else take on this role will hopefully mean less work and more delegation for Jan and the opportunity for another member to delve deep into understanding the history and structure of EcoReality.)

Responsibilities of the membership steward:

  • Discuss the membership procedure with potential members. Keeping in contact and conversation with them during their visits and "decision making" period to ensure that they understand the process and are making a decision to apply with support from a current member.
  • Lend guidance and support during provisional membership. The provisional membership is a transition time from a visitor to the co-op to full membership with consensus agreement making abilities and financial investment. Provisional members will be required to learn about the structure of the co-op, participate in meetings, teleconferences and workshops, learn how to use the wiki, start contributing to the co-op with monthly financial payments and, monthly labour requirements (which are to be logged and submitted).
  • Keep membership files up to date. The membership application and process may change from time to time. The membership steward will make sure that changes are understood by all existing and incoming members and that relevant changes are made to existing and incoming applications.
  • Update membership application and application process- EcoReality is still in the early phases of accepting new members. The application process can be refined and possibly changed based on recent experiences. Creating easy to use electronic application forms would make the application simpler to complete and provide conformity for easier reading.

The steward is required to have an understanding of the co-op rules and memorandum, the co-op's policies, and each part of the membership application process.

Submitted by Osha 14:10, 8 September 2008 (PDT)

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