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This is an interpretative work.

The information on this page is interpreted from EcoReality's official rules, as filed with our incorporation as a British Columbia Cooperative Association, or from agreements we have formally made by consensus among ourselves, as recorded in meeting minutes.

In case of a conflict, the official rules and/or meeting minutes take precedence.

Authors who provide interpretive works should include {{disclaimer}} at the top, and strive to include links to the appropriate rule or meeting minutes.

A vested resident member in good standing may make use of under-utilized EcoReality resources for agricultural initiative projects. For this purpose, "vested" also includes those who are paying down an internal loan toward their vesting amount.

Such projects must have a project page that, in addition to the usual information, must identify other stake holders and the impact of this new initiative on those stake holders. It should also include a rationale for claiming that a resource is "under-utilized," and should include community side-benefits.

For example: Phred wants to build a small shed for storing his art supplies. He gets community approval for the siting, and wants to use lumber from the property. Phred believes that lumber in our wood lot is currently under-utilized. Phred writes up a project page, in which he identifies users of wood heat, future dwellings, and wild animals as other stake holders, and lists specific trees he wishes to use, selected so as to minimize impact on those stake holders. He also notes that no live lumber trees have been harvested, and offers some community art supply storage in his new building.

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