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When adding a link, please format it like one of the existing ones, write a brief review, and put it in alphabetical order. Please also add your signature and time stamp, via --~~~~ (two dashes and four tildes), which will automatically expand to your name and timestamp. Contact Jan Steinman for help if needed.

Bytesmiths Artists' Services 
I provide a variety of publishing services for artists, including art photography, archival giclée reproductions up to 130cm wide, scanning and retouching, green website hosting (powered by wind and geothermal), website design, economical brochures and cards, and book design and publishing. --Jan Steinman
Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong of British Columbia 
The website of the Qi Gong group that shares our classroom space. --Jan Steinman 15:11, 14 August 2008 (PDT)

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