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This a request, open for discussion. It has not been deliberated to consensus by the villagers. It will be agreed, modified, or tabled at the meeting of 20080426.

  • Propose to approach Three Point Properties to lease the ~83 acres of the Hughes Farm that are not owned by EcoReality.
    • "triple-net" lease: we pay taxes, insurance, and maintenance.
    • lease expires upon transfer of property to Farmers Institute.
    • $1 lease is fair, since we'll be covering their expenses.
  • Rationale
    • Technical issues may significantly delay donation of community farmland to Farmers Institute
    • This lease allows community farming to begin, prior to donation
    • As neighbour, we are best suited to providing security, farm worker housing, and other services to the site
  • Advantages
    • Gain experience in community farming
    • Integration into overall Permaculture design
    • "foot in the door" to eventually being named manager or lessee
  • Disadvantages
    • additional expenses: taxes & insurance — likely recouped from subleases to community farmers
    • any improvement we make might "go away" if Farmers Institute decides to do something else with the land
  • Checklist
    • Initial query Three Point
      • DONE: Mark Wyatt says Three Point would have "no problem" with such a lease, and will get back to us later regarding details.
    • How much (if anything) is Nolan & Chris Magnus paying to do the hay?
      • Can we at least get them to pay enough to break even on the taxes and insurance?

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