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Lavender and Biodiesel Workshop at EcoReality 2008

  • Proposed by Shan 11:04, 19 February 2008 (PST), this has not been deliberated or ratified by the Members. It will be discussed at Members meeting 20080223
    • Due to developments at EcoReality since this was discussed at Members meeting 20080223, the workshop is going to be not a "lavender" workshop, but may still include some lavender and/or botanicals learning.
    • It will not be open to the public, and will be held on the date indicated below, tentatively. The agenda, also tentative, will be dependent on availability of materials, site details and confirmed attendance.

"What": A learning workshop about lavender production, harvesting and essential oil processing

"Where": EcoReality 160 Sharp Rd, SSI

"When": either May 12-16 or Sat May 31, 2008 3pm-9pm including public weekly potluck at EcoReality

This would be created for 4 UBC Organic Agriculture Interns.

Workshop Coordinator: Shannon Cowan

Instructors: Jan Steinman, Permaculture Instructor (Biodiesel production), Carol Wagner, Permaculture Instructor (Lavender drying and processing, lavender value-added products overview and discussion), and Shannon Cowan, Agroecology Professor (Lavender plant biology, variety identification, marketing challenges and overview of the BC Herb Growing industry)

"Cost": 0$ Note that this is not an open event. Attendees must be either UBC interns or Intern-host farms on Salt Spring.

"Refreshments": Lavender-lemonade, fair-trade coffee

"Agenda": Subject to changes. To be finalized by May 1, 2008.

3-4pm Site tour, Lavender production essentials, harvest procedure and handout about the botanicals industry (Shannon) - note that site details may change this to a talk about the market for botanicals, not a tour of lavender growing

4-5pm Biodiesel production (Jan) - equipment and site details will affect capacity for this portion to be carried out.

5:30pm Potluck

7:30-9pm Internship Meeting: to dicuss details of the program, feedback on the first month and evaluation scheme for interns. All host farmers invited to attend.

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