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Land use planning links

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These web pages have to do with ecovillage land use planning -- specifically, getting cooperation from land use planning authorities.

Capital Regional District Natural Areas Atlas 
This is an interactive Gegraphical Information System (GIS) covering the CRD area, including the Souther Gulf Islands. It features a tutorial, and maps of things like property lines, Agricultural Land Reserve areas, watersheds, ecotypes, and much more, that can be overlaid with ariel photography.
The Planning Office of The Land Is Ours 
Chapter 7 is a UK organization which campaigns to provide access to land for all households through environmentally sound planning, including guidance on what is sustainable development, policies which permit low impact development, alternatives to ca-based development, safeguarding of urban land for low-profit use, planning that caters to self-built homes, strengthening public right to appeal, and inclusion of agricultural activities.
Planning for Sustainability (PDF) 
Southwest Branch, Royal Town Planning Institute, produced this guide for planners to help promote town and country planning in a sustainable manner.
Submission to the Government White Paper on Land Use 
Tinkers' Bubble ecovillage has continually run up against obstacles in land use planning policies that discriminate against alternative development.

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