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We are currently seeking several member-funders with about $150,000 each who are interested in collaborative sustainable food and energy production and habitation. Email us for more information. EcoReality Co-op is in the process of securing its land, for its members, advisors, and for anyone who eats food and wants to see co-operative farming on Salt Spring Island succeed!


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  • 1 March 2012: Having graciously supporting us for two years, our angel investor is seeking transfer of shares to another party. Contact us (via link on left) for details.
  • 21 January 2011: CCEC Credit Union is the only bank who would even consider us, and we officially have a m-m-m-mortgage! (But we'd rather not, if you might want to be our partner...)
  • 23 August 2010: Another investor has pledged, and we are seeking $350,000 from a private mortgage lender.
  • 29 March 2010: An "angel investor" has pledged to supply the final $100,000, if needed! The thermometer goes up!

How you can help

We want to make it easy for you to help us, so there are numerous options:


  • As of 1 March 2012, we are in a position to offer about one-third-interest in the entire site. This could include living space in a shared house or private suite.


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  • The closest involvement we can offer you is to put money into EcoReality Co-op and receive Class A Investment Shares in exchange, if you meet the BC Securities rules for early stage investing.
    • Initial investment must be $10,000 or more,
      (co-op rules, part 4)
    • share dividends on these shares are capped by the rate of inflation, and
    • shares have a redemption period that is nominally three years after request for redemption.
      (co-op rules, rule 21)
    • Long-term habitation on-site requires a certain level of Class A investment, currently $150,000 plus value of dwelling.
    This is not an "investment" in conventional terms, in that there is essentially no financial return. We are striving to remove speculative value from our land, and you can be a part of this economic revolution by "investing" in a place to live, grow food, and produce energy.

Small loans

  • We can negotiate individual loans with whatever reasonable terms you require, preferably for amounts of at least five figures over at least five years.
  • We're inspired by our Advisor Tree Bressen's model of the Walnut Street Co-op Community Revolving Loan Fund, a pool of individual lenders with individual contracts. Tree notes that "no bank was willing to offer us a mortgage," and that is precisely the situation in which EcoReality finds itself. It may be that the global financial meltdown is ushering us into alternatives to big-business banking.
    In case of insolvency or dissolution, loans are repaid before any shares are redeemed.


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  • We are honoured and delighted to take your outright gift of any amount, and we will commit those contributions to our land purchase fund.
    • For gifts of $500 or more,
      • we will plant a tree on EcoReality property and affix your name to it, and you can come visit the carbon you're capturing!
      • we will issue Class B Investment Shares in the appropriate amount. (Minutes:20091110)
        Class B Investment Shares are not redeemable except in extraordinary circumstances, such as dissolution of the co-op.
        (co-op rules, rule 21)
EcoReality Co-op is not a registered charity, and we cannot offer tax advantages for your contribution, although we are in the process of partnering with one or more registered charities.

Your great ideas!

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Even if you are not in a position to directly help us with our finance needs, we can use your brain cells and skills! There are many ways you can help:
blogging our cause 
If you're a denizen of the blogosphere, you can tell of our needs on appropriate blogs, bulletin boards, and blog comments. Please provide a link to this page, so blog visitors will have up-to-date information at hand. Especially of interest are blogs about sustainability, Peak Oil and the impending energy decline, food sovereignty, small farms, etc. If you do this, let us know where you posted, so we can keep track.
Facebook and other social networking sites 
You can send your Facebook "friends" to our EcoReality Co-op facebook page and to our facebook cause. You can set up similar things on other social networking sites, or send us there and we'll set it up.
contacting your email lists 
If you are on email lists that are focused on sustainable future topics, let them know of our challenge. Please point them to this page, and put "info AT EcoReality DOT com" on the Cc: line.
volunteering for cold-calling or emailing our contact list 
We have many people who have supported us in the past that we have not been able to make a personal appeal to. If you are willing to call or email individuals with our story and needs, please let us know.
your great idea here! 
There has to be lots of ways to raise the needed funds that we haven't though of yet -- let us know your ideas!

Here's how you can help

See our membership FAQ, then click here to let us know how you can help! Or call Jan or Carol at +1 250.653.2024.

Thanks for your good thoughts and for whatever help you can offer!

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