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This is historical information that was used to help us evaluate numerous properties, and to cause us to agree to settle on 2152-2172 Fulford Ganges Road.

Please list below what things you are interested in for ecovillage property -- please prioritize your list.

The goal is to rack-n-stack these, to come up with overall criteria in priority order that we can use for judging a potential land purchase.

The next step after combining these into one consensus list, would be to assign a weighting to each item, based on priority, so that individual criteria could be independently evaluated on a simple scale of 1-10, then multiplied by the weighting factor, then summed to come up with a total numerical score. (model)



  1. 95 south facing slope for homesites
  2. 95 potential for wind, (passive) solar, mico-hydro
  3. 90 market for selling artwork
  4. 90 market for teaching
  5. 90 nearby potential bookkeeping clients
  6. 85 larger acreage
  7. 85 places we can go to get away from each other
  8. 85 someplace for a labyrinth or sacred place
  9. 80 at least 5-10 acres wooded
  10. 75 access to a larger community as a whole


  1. 95 island
  2. 90 with bc ambulance service
  3. 90 under a 10 minute drive to ambulance station (so I can be on call at home)
  4. 90 Potential for solar, wind power and micro-hydro
  5. 90 Either zoned for 10-20 dwellings or potential to be rezoned (eg: the 160 acre land is only zoned for 5 residences but it may be possible with that much land to increase the density)
  6. 90 South facing- for garden, farm and building sites
  7. 85 Wooded area on property
  8. 85 On the transit route for people wishing to travel by bus
  9. 85 Affordable - Land we can buy without incurring outside debt
  10. 85 Existing deer fencing
  11. 80 Year round stream and lake/pond
  12. 80 Set off of a main road far enough that traffic noise is not always audible and visable
  13. 75 Differing ecosystems and terrain type (some slope, forest, pasture
  14. 75 Cycling distance to "town" or to services and supplies
  15. 75 In an area with like-minded neighbours
  16. 75 On a school bus route for children going to school
  17. 75 At least 2 existing single family dwellings (or bigger) so the existing members can move immediately without having to build
  18. 75 Serviced- Electricity, phone, high speed internet
  19. 75 At least 100 acres (160 acres or 1/4 section seems like it would be ideal)
  20. 70 Existing vegetable gardens
  21. 65 Cycling distance to ferry terminal
  22. 65 Existing workshop or barn building for storing farm items, a workshop and other storage
  23. 65 Park and/or walking trails nearby
  24. 65 Existing orchard
  25. 65 Existing greenhouse
  26. 50 Within 10 minutes drive to swimming ocean beach and swimming lake beach


  1. 95 island
  2. 90 good solar exposure -- southeast through southwest slope
  3. 90 good water resources, potable & irrigation
  4. 75 microhydro potential
  5. 70 easy access from victoria and vancouver
  6. 70 habitat variation some cleared for farming some young forest some old forest some riparian
  7. 65 deer/livestock fencing system
  8. 65 some terrain variation -- not all flat or all sloped
  9. 50 adequate resources for perhaps 30 eventual families
  10. 40 as much land as possible -- preferably a quarter-section 160 acres


  1. 95 good south facing slope for solar power and building sites
  2. 95 renewable energy potential to sustain conscious and moderated use by 10-30 families (max) (solar, wind, microhydro mainly)
  3. 95 arable land area (at least 5 and preferably up to 60 acres)
  4. 95 zoned for 4 or more dwellings/kitchens (ideally 20 densities or higher), if not then should have few identifiable barriers to proceeding with rezoning process
  5. 95 hydro and telephone access to property
  6. 90 watercourse and/or well for irrigation of crops, livestock, humans
  7. 90 internet access to site is feasible, high speed preferred
  8. 80 whole parcel is more than 30 acres
  9. 80 contains variable terrain/landscape features and micro-environments (habitat variation such as dry slopes, running water, low waterways or bogs, flat arable area, mixed forest plant communities, biodiversity)
  10. 80 housing infrastructure exists for at least two family units, potentially more if layout allows for cohousing that meets needs of all current members, and potential member house-mates
  11. 80 guest accommodation indoors for 1 guest per every 2 members (e.g. minimum 2 indoor guest sleeping spaces prioritized for guests, relatives)
  12. 75 road access to property, minimal roads on site (preferably none)
  13. 75 access to larger rural community by bicycle within 1 hour ride, by reliable road that is maintained (town)
  14. 75 indoor space for education, movement classes (e.g. permaculture/agroecology theory, yoga, photography, etc.)
  15. 70 soil conditions in arable area should be not severely eroded or compacted
  16. 70 a safe and clean-feeling energy in the living and non-living systems that exist on the site
  17. 70 forested/wooded area on 10% of total property, or access to this within 30 min walk that is accessible (public or neighbour permits use)
  18. 70 transportation available to Victoria/Vancouver within 4-5 hours
  19. 70 outdoor camping space (permitted under zoning bylaws) for at least 6 visitors, volunteers, students, interns, WWOOFers, etc.
  20. 60 island
  21. 60 covered, protected structures for plants and/or livestock (e.g. polyhouse, hoophouse, barn)
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