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Hi! I am Jessie's mom, Susie Anne Bartsch. Here is a little info about JHRIAMB. Let's start with her full name: Jessie Hannah River Isis Alexandra Morris Bartsch. Of course, it was our parental concern after giving her a 7-letter initial and 43 letter name that we might have overwhelmed her. The truth is that Jess has been able to say her entire moniker since she was an early two year old. And she knows two songs about it that her friends and family composed when she was born just so we could memorize it all. So, I am pretty sure she is going to be all right.

Jessie has spent about a total of a month at EcoReality so far since we flew down from the Yukon in late June, 2008 (currently about 4 months ago). She has connected deeply with the people and has generally shared our excitement about the prospect of living here. On our first visit the adults present had the great pleasure of seeing Sienna, Lily and Jessie trouping around together on the farm. I started then to get an inkling of what it could be like to be living in this community with these dear people. We have been working towards it ever since.

Jessie is presently just about three and a half years old. She is articulate, prolifically artistic, deeply affected by her own moods, really funny and capable. She loves tools (currently scissors are the thing) and handles them with respect for self and others. She makes friends and keeps them, feels her feelings big and then lets them go, and has an appetite not unlike my own (I like and need my food).

When she wakes up I will see if she has anything she would like to add. Or perhaps her daddy, Morris Lamrock will have something he would like to say!

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