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We should have an "inventors' center" in The Village, where technical-minded folk could knock ideas into prototypes. Lacking a proper village at this point, perhaps we can start here!

So please put a link here to your ideas, with a brief description. Add this: --~~~ (two dashes and three tildes) after your idea, so we'll know who to get in touch with.

Biodiesel oven 
I've had a biodiesel oven or kiln running through my head lately. I bartered the oil burner assembly from a furnace for some web work. Seems something useful should come of it! --Jan Steinman

I'd reserve liquid fuels for transportation. Even vans can be heated with wood, and kilns are traditionally done that way. -- Bob Stuart

For food prep, you're probably right. But temperature regulation is easier with liquid fuel, so such a device may have advantages over wood for firing ceramics, fusing glass, or metallurgy. --Jan Steinman 11:11, 23 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Plastic brick machine 
WANTED: used trash compactor. Must be able to take the heat. Willing to have your progeny walked on. Enjoys long walks in the ecovillage, soft drinks and all other consumer items that come in plastic packaging.
Wiki hacks 
have ideas for improving this website? Please look over my plans here, and add your suggestions. Know some PHP and want to help? Email me and we'll figure out how best to collaborate. --Jan Steinman
I think it would be easy to build a small "underwater windmill" that would pump seawater up a hill or into a tank concealed in shoreline trees. From there, it would run down to a little waterwheel generator whenever you needed power. The tank refills on schedule, almost four times a day. The underwater parts would be carved Cedar foils and frame, with an old tire used as a diaphragm pump. If we can find land even somewhat adjacent to such a site, we might be able to install it and share the electricity with the neighbor on the shore. --Bob Stuart

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