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St. Johns Wort family

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Here is EcoReality's seed inventory for Hypericaceae:

IDcommon namefamilylatin namedatequantityactiondays to germpropagationdays to maturityhabitatsundrainagesoilinventorynotesnutrientsneedsuse
65Saint John's WortHypericaceaeHypericum perforatum (dg fo pf wp)30Sow in fall or early spring. Once the soils warm up, germination occurrs in about 30 days. Germination rate is typically 30%, with a palpable amount of hard seed that will reside for years in the soil and finally germinate at a later date. Direct-seeding such small seed is tricky, though, and greenhouse propagation of seedlings works really well with this plant.Saint John's Wort prefers full sun, regular garden soil and is perfectly cold hardy. May it bless your life, as warming as a ray of sun.full sun500 eachHerbaceous perennial native to Europe and naturalized worldwide. There are many species of Hypericum, and due to the delicate chemistry of the plant it really makes sense to use verified material. This is wild-harvested seed of Hypericum perforatum from the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon, and the mother plants have been tested for the entire array of hypericin-like constituents as well as flavonoid markers, performing very admirably. This is an official and potent strain.Antidepressant

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Antioxidants, Boron, Calcium, Carbohydrate, Chromium, Copper, Fat, Fat: Omega-3, Fibre: Non-Soluble, Fibre: Soluble, Folate, Iodine, Iron, Lycopene, Magnesium, Manganese, Niacin, Nitrogen, Retrieved from "http://ecoreality.org/wiki/Hypericaceae"

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