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The bicycle is the most efficient form of animal-powered land transportation known. We should strive to make cycling appropriate distances our dominant means of transportation. In times past, humans often powered machinery that used only small muscles, and/or required many other muscles for support. Pedaling, however, can be done all day without distress, as long as you don't mind eating about 5,000 calories a day and feeling great. Wherever you go, you have about 1/10 HP available as a healthy adult, and using it keeps you healthy.

We could use pedal-powered carts for agricultural hauling, or advanced wheelbarrows with better balance or electric boosters. Some woodworking machinery such as small bandsaws and lathes work very well with pedal power. We could probably make treadle generators sufficient for laptop computers or reading lights, and running them would help us stay warm. Kitchen food processors can also be pedal powered.

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