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As of Februrary 2010, this stewardship no longer is staffed.


Duties of Group Process Steward

  • vibeswatching at meetings, gatherings, work parties, events
  • learning what is the pattern language of “Good Process” for this particular group : **includes elements of ritual,
    • facilitation,
    • acknowledging individual voices
    • acknowledging and celebrating co-operative behaviours,
    • giving attention to timing & space management, beauty, inspiration
  • stewarding feedback sessions in whole group about its own process,
    • so individuals can see what they’ve co-created in the eyes of the whole, take responsibility and make necessary shifts to stay on the path
  • learning to observe structural conflict
    • to assist the group in finding a common way forward when it occurs
  • observe and recognize when interpersonal conflict becomes a barrier to Good Process
    • between members,
    • and/or with self-involvement
  • stewarding effective gatherings to work on process issues
    • conflict resolution at group level,
    • heart circles,
    • Compost communication sessions
    • communication skills workshops
    • consensus training
    • facilitation training


  • Negotiated spot for EcoReality in Facilitation Training Series for Intentional Communities in the region (2 year series – 8 sessions at 8 different communities)
  • Attended 4 of the Series weekends in Facilitation Training Series between April 2009 and January 2010.
  • Facilitated special meetings in May-July dubbed Process Sessions to address large topics in need of group listening and alignment (eg. Consensus, Communication model learning process, stewardship and others)
  • Co-created and stewarded agreement of Communication model learning process
    • researched and compiled data from members and from other intentional communities for individual and group learning in communication skills:
  • Co-created and stewarded agreement of Conflict resolution protocol
  • Co-created and stewarded agreement of Compassionate communication
  • Established compost communication sessions
  • Guided group through compassionately digesting feedback from 2 departured members in July
    • Brenden Morris’ name for this session is apt: it describes a gathering of community members to express any of the week’s feelings (positive and negative, the whole range), emotional content, thoughts or concerns to allow it to be heard, blended, acknowledged and then composted or transformed into rich, neutral soil for growing strong, healthy community members
  • facilitated approximately 20 compost communication meetings July through Dec 2009
  • educational events offered opportunities to develop process skills in generating self-feedback and improvement over time
    • group trust in capacity to improve and move forward together as a team was furthered

Challenges/Opportunities to Improve

The group has acknowledged publicly that we have traveled together through a year of “Process” learning together.

From the beginning of the year, EcoReality members generated opportunities to transform and grow as individuals and in the process of “group”:

  • self-responsibility in the face of interpersonal conflict
  • learning the impact that individual thoughts, emotions and actions have on group
  • choosing actions and activities that create
    • co-operation,
    • trust,
    • enthusiasm,
    • alignment and
    • productivity

Challenges that presented opportunities for this growth and transformation included:

  • 2009 winter retreat in early January
    • group chose to give half agenda time to process unforseen heart issues and festering conflict
    • as skills were still raw and undeveloped, group was minorly successful at this stage
  • Susie Anne and Jessie’s early residency brought more conflict and learning to light
  • business agenda for 2009 spring retreat
    • overturned by heart issues and conflict to process together
      • gaining in mastery
      • use of outside facilitator and learning how that works and doesn’t and what time is needed for it to work in the future
  • May, EcoReality members acknowledged that the challenges of growing “strong personal relationships” were at times greater than the challenges of pursuing other sustainability goals
    • began to gain skill and mastery over preventing the breakdown point at group level
    • pursuit of diligence in personal relationships
    • practiced using tools of personal spiritual development, awareness
    • more skillful choices about guest management
    • choices for priorities of self-care and group-care on equal footing with productivity at various levels
      • farm,
      • development,
      • fundraising and
      • Co-Op administration and finance,
    • improved facilitation, and more.

Future Plans

  • Continued weekly compost communication, including readings, homework and compassionate communication focus (As choice of Communication model learning process that group has made
  • Host Facilitation Training Weekend July 2010
    • opportunity for up to 3 members to have guaranteed spots in training to improve group facilitation capacity
    • offers benefit of outside facilitation and process learning from other communitarians in region
    • offers resource and networking exchange
  • Facilitation mentoring within group from those going through training
  • steward action planning at critical points (April 1, July, September) using process skills
  • to continue to nurture relationships with other ecovillage group process practitioners and communitarians

Shan 20:03, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

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