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This a request, open for discussion. It has not been deliberated to consensus by the villagers. It will be agreed, modified, or tabled at the meeting of 20090830.

  • 20 hrs / wk for 3 months (possibly renewable)(agree to terms of payment from EcoR operational funds – assess members and residents monthly for this –amount to be agreed)
  • prepare list of applicable grants, foundations, bursaries (help from Brandy, Yarrow, GEN, ENA, NICA, etc.) for review and approval by membership
  • follow up calls and emails to those already contacted unless they were a hard “no” (every 4 weeks)
  • develop prepared “call speeches” (with Shannon)
  • refer interested contacts to Shannon for follow up with visits, M package and member guide assignments
  • ensuring all contacts get on advisory and receive newsletters
  • keep database of contacts on EcoR server
  • organize and advertise for open house at EcoR – November? (help from James)
  • by Oct 31, 2009: write 3 grant applications (together with Shannon and Jan)
  • by Oct 31, 2009: write letters of interest/applications for 10 foundations, 10 bursaries
  • by Oct 31, 2009: applications submitted for 3 grants, 10 foundations, 10 bursaries
  • cold calls to those on contact lists and referral lists – 20 weekly

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