Finance and membership goals and action plan fall 2009

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This was agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20090927, but circumstances following the agreement have made it obsolete. A brief notice regarding the nature of the obsolescence must be entered.
Since it has been agreed, the page is locked.
Contact WikiSysop to make small corrections (spelling, grammar, etc.) or add an agenda item to re-visit this agreement at an appropriate meeting.

This agreement is obsolete. The person who crafted this agreement has left the co-op, and the addition of a new investor changed the nature of fundraising.

EcoReality Goals and Action Plan for Finance and Membership

  • Short term Goals
    • 6 months from date the boundary adjustment is completed = assess action plan success and enact contingency plan if $800,000 Class A shares not yet purchased/in Trust
    • By Jan 31, 2010 = $400,000 Class A shares purchased/ in Trust
    • By Oct 31, 2009 = Trust established for secure funding layover & 3 adult membership applications accepted by EcoReality
  • Action Plan:
  • September
    • agree to action and contingency plans for finance/fundraising and membership (all) by Sept 27th
    • Create “M” member/investor packages (Shan, Jan, Carol)
      • contents: Overview Governance, Finance and Membership – 1 page,
      • Guidance docs – 1 pg, inspirational intro, mission and vision
      • Future Village Design Graphic – 1 pg (graphic),
      • “Who we are and who you are” – 1 pg to describe exactly what type of qualities EcoReality is seeking in new members
    • subcommittee to do design charette and report to full group by Oct 5.
    • Trust consultations with Jim Pasuta, Bank (Jan)
    • Consult Lynn ( for co-op economic development (Shannon), especially air space titles, timeshare options
    • seek outside expert review of action plan and contingency plan from other community developers or cohousing/ecovillage veterans and bioregional contacts: Liz Walker, Laird Shaub, Tree Bressen, Diana Leafe Christian, Alan Carpenter, Russ Purvis, Brandy MacPherson)(Shannon and Dennis)
    • Jan to email list of possible fundraisers to EcoR by Oct 12 Rez meeting with their services (Jan)
    • print business cards for Rudy
    • Carol to put out donation jar at Starhawk for EcoReality land fundraising
  • Oct:
    • By OCT 5 Membership package created incl. draft future village design
    • agree on “M” package content and design (all), pring 20 copies (Carol)
    • brainstorm list of business connections/people who may invest (all, ongoing, give to fundraiser)
    • OCT 10 attend NICA event (Dennis, Shannon, Carol and Jan to meet us?) – powerpoint slideshow, take M packages, biz cards, pamphlets, energy and enthusiasm!

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