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Project ID: 75

Project steward

Jan Steinman


We cannot expand our garden area without deer protection. Partial funding is available for Environmental Farm Plan approved projects completed by 31 December 2008. Our fencing plan has been approved.


Enclose the area from the ditch just behind the yellow house and greenhouse on the south, to the road on the north, between the east and west property lines. Include five vehicle gates to provide access to the road and to farm roads. Include smaller pedestrian gates as needed.

Alternatively, enclose the area inside our loop road that runs from one driveway, behind the white house and woodshed, to the other driveway, and the north field next to Meg Buckley. Include one vehicle gate for each of the two fenced areas, and smaller pedestrian gates as needed. Minimize fencing and maximize access by using the White House and woodshed (and possibly existing garden area) in the fence line.

Goal or deliverable

Four+ acres of deer-fenced area that we can begin to turn into gardens.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

17 November 2008: complete Environmental Farm Plan and initial fence design DONE
24 November 2008: submit grant application DONE
27 November 2008: barter for some materials DONE
30 November 2008: finalize fence plan and bill of materials DONE
1 December 2008: order all needed materials (subject to approval of grant?) DONE
6 December 2008: all materials needed on-site DONE
20 December 2008: all posts and gates in place DONE
31 December 2008: fencing complete DONE


  • Complete Environmental Farm Plan DONE
  • Submit grant application DONE
  • Complete detailed design and bill of materials DONE
  • Purchase materials DONE
  • Installation: (approximately 230 posts, 5-7 gates) DONE

Related/Prerequisite Projects


Financial budget

  • $6,375.61 steel T-posts and wire fence
  • $1,350 (work trade) large gates
  • $600 pedestrian gates
  • $780 60 ea cedar posts
  • 60% rebated under BC Environmental Farm Plan if completed by 31 December 2008.

Labor budget

  • Planning: Jan, 10 hours.
  • Design: Jan, 20 hours.
  • Grant: Jan, 4 hours.
  • Review/revise: members, 10 person-hours.
  • Procurement: Jan, Rudy, Scott, James: 32 person-hours.
  • Installation: Scott, Jan, James, others: 540 person-hours.

Cash Outlay

1110003Fencing$38.962009-03-25 00:00:052009-07-02 00:00:01
1110003TOTAL:$38.962009-03-25 00:00:052009-07-02 00:00:01

Labour, by person

6James Cowan1.00.5%
2Jan Steinman180.198.9%
148Susie Anne Bartsch1.00.5%

Labour, by activity

25Telephone/Video Communicating0.70.4%

Vehicle Use

"Vehicles" with no odometer, such as tractors or stationary equipment, are in tenths of an hour, rather than kilometres.

1Blue Jetta22 km
5Bubba181 km
5TOTAL:203 km


Jan SteinmanBlue Jetta2009-06-2522 km$9.680EcoRealitySlegg for fence clipsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2009-01-2232 km$13.696EcoRealityfence partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2009-01-2123 km$9.844EcoRealityfenceyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2009-01-2038 km$16.264EcoRealityfenceyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2009-01-1919 km$8.132EcoRealityfenceyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2009-01-137 km$2.996EcoRealityfenceyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2009-01-1262 km$26.536EcoRealityfenceyes

Final Accounting

  • Cash outlay
    • $6,562.42 on materials (84.6% of original budget)
    • less $4,130.36 Environmental Farm Plan grant
    • $2,432.06 net cash outlay from restricted funds (capital account)
  • Labour
    • 521 hours (84.6% of original budget)
  • Equipment Use
    • Tractor: 32 hours
    • Dodge pickup: 2 hours
    • 16' flatbed trailer: 2 hours
    Equipment use was not in original budget, but was compensated in the grant proceeds.
  • Class A shares:
    • none allocated, all cash outlay was from EcoReality capital account
  • Class B shares at 15 per hour:
    • 180 to Susie Anne Bartsch
    • 1,215 to James Cowan
    • 1,800 to Rudy Siegers
    • 180 to Jan Slakov
    • 1,965 to Jan Steinman (labour)
    • 540 to Jan Steinman (equipment time)
    Class B shares divided by 15 do not equal actual labour because compensated labour (WWOOFers) was not included.

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