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Sorry, this class is full! Please sign up for the repeat of this class in May!

Cheese workshop class notes are now available on-line.


Event #16 Information

Event:Cheese Making Workshop
Description:You’ll learn the basics of cheese making, including basic theory and processes. You’ll make two kinds of cheese: an acid-set, soft “chevré” cheese, which you’ll flavour with your choice of herbs and spices, and a vegetable-rennet-set, firm “feta” cured cheese, suitable for long storage.
When:Sunday, 27 February 2011, 10:00:00 AM through 03:30:00 PM
Where:EcoReality Yellow House, 2152 fulford-Ganges Road
Supplied:Light snacks and beverages, informative hand-outs and references, our grass-fed raw goat milk for the cheese making, and you’ll take home about 300 grams of the cheese you make — a $15 value!
Bring:a bag lunch, two “tupperware-style” containers for your cheese, a one litre container for whey, and any particular flavouring you’d like to put in your chevre.
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Class Notes

Class notes are available at: .


Event is FULL!


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