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Consensus Training Workshop with Tree Bressen

September 27. 2008

Participants: EcoReality Members and Serious Potential Members (Cap at 20 people)

Cost: $64.00 CAD each (if 9 members register)

    • Note the final amount could be less, if Advisory Council members also register, to a max 20 people.

Deposit (non refundable): $30.00 CAD Balance amount due Sept 27th, 2008 (see cost breakdown).

Registration: by AUGUST 31st. Please register and pay your deposit with James Cowan, Program Steward and Registrar for this Workshop (, 250-653-4663).

Tree Bressen works on a gift economy basis. She requests that groups pay her an amount that feels good and fair to them, that they can afford, and that they can give joyfully. Group Process work provides her entire livelihood, and she asks that groups honour and support her work such that she can continue to offer her services.

Cost Breakdown

EcoReality agreed to advance travel funding in the amount of $125 USD to Tree Bressen by mail on Sept 1, 2008. (Aug 8 teleconference)

EcoReality Group Rate = $400.00 USD Payable to Tree in USD on day of event was an agreement made on Aug 8, 2008 EcoReality Teleconference.

EcoReality is sharing Tree’s travel costs 50% with another community (Pacific Gardens Cohousing).

Childcare: James and Shannon have “hired” their trusted caregiver, Mel Dzur, for 9am-5pm Sat Sept 27th . Mel can comfortably handle 3 children, perhaps more –let’s talk about sharing costs among us – we suggest if there are 3 children that $160 is fair for 8 hr day. James is Childcare steward, please let him know by Aug 31st.

Proposed Agenda:

Friday eve 8:30 pm Tree arrives – welcome and informal socializing – tea

Sat morning 8am – Breakfast – (proteinaceous request from Tree, like miso soup with tofu or eggs) 8:30 am Tree Setup Classroon with James – logistics troubleshoot (we have Tree’s request list for items to have on hand and setup) 9am- 10:15 am Introductions & Session 1 10:15am – 10:30 am Break 10:30-11:45 Session 2 Lunch 1pm-2:30 pm Session 3 3-3:10pm Break 3:10-4:45pm Session 4 4:45 pm Workshop review/closing 5:30 pm Potluck (open to public) 7:30 pm Heart Circle/Gifting Circle/Ritual/Closing or other? (Tree, would you agree to facilitate something specific for us?)

Sunday Morning [possible Tree departure 6:15am for 7am ferry to Crofton] 7 am Yoga with Shannon in Classroom 8am Breakfast [possible 8:30 departure for 9:10 am ferry] [possible 10 am departure for 10:50 am ferry]

Respectfully created Shan 10:17, 12 August 2008 (PDT)

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