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The energy production steward is responsible for energy production activities at EcoReality Co-op, including firewood, solar, wind, micro-hydro, and biofuels.

The steward is responsible for working together with various stakeholders in achieving the most efficient and equitable production and distribution of biofuels possible.

In particular, the steward will work closely with Class E Investment Shareholders for managing the production and distribution of biodiesel in a way that meets both their needs and the needs of EcoReality Co-op in general. This may include determining needs and requirements, facilitating group concensus, procuring feedstock and capital equipment, training and scheduling processor operators and oil collectors, setting prices and distribution policies, and other tasks as required.

As energy production steward, I will work to see that energy is produced and distributed efficiently and equitably to EcoReality Co-op stakeholders, including members, investors, renters, and resident volunteers. --Jan Steinman

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