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Ecology is the study of interactions between organisms and their environments. As the EcoReality Ecology Steward, I stand for the wisdom and intrinsic value of unobstructed energy flows derived from the sun, and the transformation of that energy as nutrients sustaining biological organisms. This steward speaks for the wisdom and intrinsic connections within the living and non-living elements of the ecosystem: including flora, fauna, cycles of nutrients and water, including the natural timing of processes and cycles of decay as well as creation and maintenance.

This steward's primary task is to represent the conservation of the land-water resource base upon which we humans depend, seeking to mimic natural cycles and patterns. This steward will empower and encourage others to observe and consciously communicate about our human impact on the natural flows of energy and matter in this system.

This steward will learn and practice principles of ecological science, especially pertaining to human production of food within a forest-field non-human ecosystem. This steward will regularly investigate structural information, and collect data where needed to inform decisions at EcoReality which affect the ecology of the site and its surroundings. For example, inspiring self and others in the group to learn and practice tools to measure the effect of human settlement and development on successional stages, the important keystone species and their role in habitat conservation and overall ecological health, the degree of relationship of ecosystem components/factors to one another (trophic relationships, population growth, competition, diversity measures), as well as biotic inventories.

The Ecology Steward is distinct from the Permaculture Steward, who shall deal primarily with how human settlements and buildings are incorporated with the land-water ecosystem. The Ecology Steward will have a large role to play in the site Permaculture Design process and any proposals toward permaculture development at EcoReality.

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