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Diversity is the quality of difference or variety. It represents a state of heterogeneity, where multiple forms are represented.

In Ecoreality, we aim to honour our common vision, values and mission, which incorporates what is NOT held in common among us, including such qualities as: diversity of ages, races, cultures, spiritualities/religious beliefs, ideas, methods, experiences, perspectives, expressions, talents, skills, arts, thoughts and actions, creations, landscapes, flora and fauna, etc.

Ecoreality members value that diversity is the source of adaptability and resilience to many forces and factors over which we do not have control, being part of interconnected webs -- ecological, social, economic systems.

And yet, diversity has its place in our priority of values. For example, we value diversity below non-violence, which means that diversity of opinion that includes using violent means would be subservient to our commitment to non-violence.

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