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This is an interpretative work.

The information on this page is interpreted from EcoReality's official rules, as filed with our incorporation as a British Columbia Cooperative Association, or from agreements we have formally made by consensus among ourselves, as recorded in meeting minutes.

In case of a conflict, the official rules and/or meeting minutes take precedence.

Authors who provide interpretive works should include {{disclaimer}} at the top, and strive to include links to the appropriate rule or meeting minutes.

The BC Cooperative Association Act ("The Cooperative Association Act") requires a minimum of three "directors" and defines their general duties in The Cooperative Association Act. It does not require specific titles or duties for directors or officers, such as President or Treasurer.

EcoReality Sustainable Land Use and Education Cooperative further defines in our coop rules that to qualify for election as a member-director, the member must have been resident at the EcoReality site for a minimum of six months, and that directors who are absent for more than a month have their directorship suspended during that absence and for a period equal to that of their absence thereafter. (Rule 85)

Up to 10% of the directors may be non-members. These non-member directors are not subject to the residency requirement.

Stewards have specific responsibilities and duties, and will fill roles similar to officers in other organizations.

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