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this page under construction, not complete yet

Shannon and Jan have begun reaching out to experts in the fields of fundraising (in general) and in development consulting about projects involving intentional communities.

The notes here are Shannon's interpretation of Ronaye Matthew's suggestions, questions and recommendations for EcoReality. These are based on sharing with Ronaye our website with pertinent links to the Membership FAQ and our Guidance documents, and also sharing Resources and plans and Shannon's interpretation of fundraising scenarios and projected financing scenarios via excel spreadsheet late Nov 2009.

The group will begin to discuss these notes and Shannon and Jan are both currently involved in calls to other communities, fundraisers and development consultants to gain more perspective on our situation.

The intention of discussing these results to date is to keep EcoReality up to date, and to determine if there are specific priorities, tasks or goals and actions to take from this information.

Notes of Phone Conversation between Shannon Cowan and Ronaye Matthew on Dec 2, 2009

First impression of EcoReality's Legal and Finance structure:

  • would do well to write an Executive Summary for marketing purpose; succinct wording, evocative, stimulating, clear
  • too much information, overwhelming on wiki and in current documents for marketing purpose
  • single page needed that will give new eyes a really good feel for everything EcoReality aims to do, by when, and how, and with what monies

Marketing face of EcoReality:

Ronaye is offering to do a feasibility study for EcoReality

  • In the other projects she has done, she completes this first to determine the legal/political structures in place and their implications on the land and development goals of the group
  • see Wolf Willow Cohousing on Canadian Cohousing Network for a summary of a project she is developing
  • see Quayside village for a website of a completed project she has done

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