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This is an interpretative work.

The information on this page is interpreted from EcoReality's official rules, as filed with our incorporation as a British Columbia Cooperative Association, or from agreements we have formally made by consensus among ourselves, as recorded in meeting minutes.

In case of a conflict, the official rules and/or meeting minutes take precedence.

Authors who provide interpretive works should include {{disclaimer}} at the top, and strive to include links to the appropriate rule or meeting minutes.

Cost of membership for incoming EcoReality members

  1. The cost of becoming a new member of EcoReality is:
    • $1,000 purchase of a Membership share (see share types and information)
  2. The estimated cost of becoming a resident member of EcoReality is:
    • $150,000 purchase of Class A shares, as of 2016, for an equal share in land and common infrastructure (roads, irrigation, etc.)
    • The cost of your home, to be built as part of a co-ordinated land use plan.
  3. EcoReality has a the goal of making membership available to all classes of people, should they be the appropriate party for the building of the co-op. We want to keep the doors open to those interested members that have less resources and an abundance of energy to contribute to the community.
    • In order for this to happen, they will have to be subsidised by EcoReality. The only way they can be subsidised is by having other members contribute over and above the membership amount so that some of the funds can be leant to the incoming members chosen to be subsidised.
    • At this time, there is no formal policy for subsidising incoming members. This will be discussed and decided upon by members on a case by case basis.

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