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This has been agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20110831.
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To be reimbursed by EcoReality for expenses you incur, you must have:

  1. an original receipt, which goes to EcoReality to be organized and stored for the statutory period in case of audit. If it is for a sizeable amount, we can make a copy of the original receipt for you.
In rare circumstances, an expense may be reimbursed without an original receipt, at the sole discretion of the finance steward.

In addition, one of the following must be true:

  1. The expense is allocated to a pre-existing, approved project budget. It will then be subtracted from that budget, and when the budget is exhausted, no more expenses can be billed against that budget until an increase is approved.
  2. The expense is not in a budget, but has been approved in a regular EcoReality meeting as an approved off-budget expense.
  3. The expense is for a bona-fide "emergency" expense, meaning an immediate, unanticipated threat to life, health, or EcoReality-owned property.
In rare circumstances, expenses may be approved by members in a regular EcoReality meeting after-the-fact, but generally, one of the qualifying statements above must be true before the expense is incurred.

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