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Mike Nickerson and Donna Dillman talk about sustainable economics to a crowd of Salt Spring Islanders.
EcoReality's property has a building with a garage and a barn/carport type building, and in between is a classroom/studio space with the following amenities:
  • hardwood floors,
  • electric heat,
  • two entrances (events can expand outside in suitable weather),
  • storage/cloak room,
  • small sound system with mixer.
  • Video projector and 6' screen is also available.

This classroom was built by the Kincaid family in about 2002 for use of their their Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong group.

A rental structure for the classroom was agreed upon by co-op members:

  • The rental rate for the classroom is:
    • $10 per hour (minimum).
    • Or 25% of revenue (maximum).
  • The capacity is about 40 (seated) or 20 (for motion-based work).

This rental rate is for events or classes that do not require promotion or logistics work by EcoReality. Workshops, classes or presentations where EcoReality is a partner or does all of the logistics and marketing will be negotiated on a case by case basis with the presenters/partners.

Classroom inquiries can be directed to Jan Steinman at 250-653-2024 or via email.

Due to liability reasons the classroom is not available for the public to rent. EcoReality can use the classroom for agricultural education purposes under our commercial farm liability insurance policy, or we can rent it to a third party that has a minimum $1 million liability insurance policy and who can name EcoReality as co-insured on that policy.

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