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Completed projects

These are projects that have met the criteria for completion.

Project Steward
Completed projects
Project/2009 Eco-living tour Jan Steinman
Project/2152 shelving Carol Wagner
Project/2172 shelving James Cowan
Project/Biodiesel processor Jan Steinman
Project/Commercial propagation greenhouse Jan Steinman
Project/Commercial propagation greenhouse deconstruction Jan Steinman
Project/Compost project fall 2008 Shannon Cowan
Project/EcoReality land purchase trust project Jan Steinman
Project/Electric meters Jan Steinman
Project/Fencing, north Jan Steinman
Project/Garlic planting plan Shannon Cowan
Project/Goat shed II Jan Steinman
Project/Mongolian ger Christopher Roy
Project/Move Jan Steinman & Carol Wagner
Project/Plan Z Jan Steinman
Project/Richardson PDC 2009 Jan Steinman
Project/Road sign Jan Steinman
Project/Spaceship removal Jan Steinman
Project/Starhawk Event 2009 James Cowan
Project/Strategic metaplan Jan Steinman
Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612 Shannon Cowan
Project/Wood heat for 2152 Jan Steinman
Project/Woodshed extension Jan Steinman
Project/Yellow house skylights Jan Steinman

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