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These are projects that got as far as the planning stage (and possibly further), but we decided not to pursue them for one reason or another -- generally, because the project's steward left EcoReality or otherwise abandoned their involvement in the project without bringing the project to an orderly conclusion.

See current projects for projects that are in process or completed.

Project Steward
Project/2010 olympic asset sale James Cowan
Project/Facilitation training weekend July 2010 Shannon Cowan
Project/Farm care schedule Shannon Cowan
Project/Farm stay hostelry Ben Corno
Project/Ikea shed Susie Anne Bartsch
Project/Labyrinth Carol Wagner
Project/Playground Susie Anne Bartsch
Project/Soil test plan Shannon Cowan
Project/UBC student learning program at ecoreality 2009 Shannon Cowan
Project/Water management Jan Steinman
Wood heat for 2172 James Cowan

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