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This has been agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20090228.
Since it has been agreed, the page is locked.
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2009 Budget
Co-op Income
Educational Seminars $36,000.00 These are for the Permaculture Design Course. We do not expect to make anything.
Income Reimbursement for Taxes & Ins $7,200.00 This is the amount that the residents will be paying back to the Co-op for insurance and taxes. Insurance will be almost immediately and the taxes when they are due in July.
Interest Income $1,000.00 Interest income that we may receive on our savings account that is restricted funds.
Members Dues $2,400.00 Member dues to be collected from current and new members throughout 2009.
Rent $3,600.00 Rent received from Rudy.
Co-op Income Total $50,200.00
Farm Income
Produce/Value Added $600.00 This one is very hard to project, because it is a complete unknown.
Farm Income Total $600.00
Total Income $50,800.00
Co-op Expenses
Bank Charges $50.00 Self explanatory?
Classroom Use $500.00 Use of classsroom for retreat and other meetings
Dues & Subscriptions $40.00 Dues for Fellowship for Intentional Communities.
Educational Seminars $36,000.00 These are for the Permaculture Design Course. We do not expect to make anything.
GST Payable $122.50 GST Payable. This is money that we have collected and needs to be paid to the government.
Insurance $4,348.00 Insurance paid by the Co-op $4348.00, to be partially reimbursed by the residents (White House $1405.00 & the Yellow House $1655.00 for a total of $3060.)
Monthly trip to Victoria to pick up pallets, etc. $820.00
Out door kitchen supplies $300.00 Miscellaneous supplies for the outdoor kitchen. Mostly unknown at this time, because the kitchen isn't even built.
Professional Fees $500.00 Legal expenses.
Property Taxes $5,500.00 Property taxes due sometime in July. Breakdown is unknown until we get the notice and what part will be reimbursed by the residents.
Utilities $200.00 Again, unknown. This will probably be for the outdoor kitchen.
Well Maintenance $750.00 Well maintenance. It requires routine maintenance for the filters and such.
Co-op Expenses Total $49,130.50
Farm Expenses
Dues & Subscriptions $50.00 WWOOF Canada dues.
Farm Animals $600.00 At such time when the animals are transfered to the Co-op, to include feed and upkeep of their dwelling, etc.
Food/lodging for farm labourers (WWOOFers) $4,000.00 Food and lodging for WWOOFer's. This is based on 1/2 the usual rate of $20.00 per day. If we have at least one WWOOFer year round, that person's meals would cost $1825. When the weather is too cold and they need to stay inside, that might be about 9 months, $1350.00. For a second WWOOFer in the summer, that would be an additional $450.
Maintenance $600.00 Maintenance of tools and equipment.
Seeds $300.00 Seeds for the community garden. There are quite a few being donated by both households and friends, but there will be more to get.
Supplies $500.00 Supplies needed for the garden.
Farm Expenses Total $6,050.00
Total Expense $54,360.50
Profit/(Loss) ($4,380.50)

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