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This has been agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20110607.
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EcoReality Co-op has established a biodiesel production and distribution plan, by which we will make and distribute biodiesel.

EcoReality Co-op has established Class E Investment Shares for this purpose. Money taken in from subscribers of Class E Investment Shares are solely dedicated to ownership and management of EcoReality's biodiesel operation, including processing and storage, an appropriate portion of the land equity, and other infrastructure.

EcoReality Class E Investment Shareholders (Energy Shareholders) have the legal right to receive biodiesel produced by EcoReality Co-op. To manage this process, they use the services of the EcoReality energy production steward, who in consultation with the Energy Shareholders, determines prices, policies, and operational procedures.


Energy Shareholders are nominally able to receive biodiesel at the same cost as commonly charged for petro-diesel, receiving an amount of biodiesel up to the value of their Class E Investment Share value.

For example, if someone subscribed to 45 Class E Investment Shares (par value, $1) and the cost of petro-diesel was $1.50 per litre, that person could pay for and receive up to 30 litres of biodiesel each month. ($1.50 times 30 equals $45.) This limit is intended to be a guideline, not a firm limit, but Energy Shareholders who consistently exceed their quota may be asked to increase their Class E Investment. In the case of shortages, a firm limit may be imposed by the energy production steward.

Energy Shareholders understand that differences in price and availability of feedstock and other factors may impact the amount of product actually available, and agree to "take the good with the bad" in such cases when EcoReality Co-op is unable to supply the subscribed amount of biodiesel.

Labour Contributions

Energy Shareholders may offset some portion of their biodiesel cost by supplying operations labour: collecting feedstock, running the biodiesel processor, facilitating distribution, administration and training, etc.

From time to time, the energy production steward will establish the co-op's cash cost of producing biodiesel and the amount of labour needed to create the biodiesel. A properly-trained Energy Shareholder who contributed a certain amount of labour would be able to receive biodiesel at the co-op's cost of production.

Specific numbers for valuing labour contributions will be included here as they are determined.

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