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This was agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20090123, but circumstances following the agreement have made it obsolete. A brief notice regarding the nature of the obsolescence must be entered.
Since it has been agreed, the page is locked.
Contact WikiSysop to make small corrections (spelling, grammar, etc.) or add an agenda item to re-visit this agreement at an appropriate meeting.

This agreement is obsolete. The person who crafted this stewardship has left the co-op.

Define who are “apprentices” (includes volunteer and paid people who are residing at Ecoreality for an agreed upon time to give of their labour)

  1. Determines short-term and long-term “assistance” needs of the community
    • Number of people
    • Skills sought
    • Experience wanted
    • Physical abilities
    • Personal gear
  2. Determines community’s abilities to host (logistics)
    • Supervision
    • Accommodation
    • Food
    • Tools/equipment
  3. Determines guidelines for interaction
    • Community’s work expectation
    • Community’s offerings to apprentices
    • Norms of behaviour/boundaries
  4. Determines what apprentices want/need
  5. Be first line of contact with potential apprentices
    • Communicate all of the above
  6. Seek best fit for all
  7. Take apprenticeship recommendations to members for choice/agreement
  8. Communicate community’s agreement to Apprentices
    • Co-ordinate logistics with all concerned
  9. Meet and Greet Apprentices
    • Orientation
  10. Schedule supervision/guidance
    • Ensure that all work projects are well understood
      • Intention for
      • Processes required
      • Tool/equipment use and safety
      • Approximate duration
      • Trouble shooting
      • Measuring success
  11. Observe health (sustainability) of relationships
  12. Provide mentorship/mediation
    • Give feedback to apprentice and community
    • Problem solve
    • Foster acknowledgements /appreciations of efforts given
  13. Report to members
  14. Celebrate Successes (and “failures”)

Prepared by Morris - January 15th, 2009 Whitehorse temperature 1.9 C (above freezing)

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