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As of 12 October 2011, we have secured long-term financing and can continue our vision.

We are in the process of revising our membership application process, and are interested in strong involvement of a small number of resourceful partners.

We have also added three new classes of shares, to allow a greater variety of involvement:

  • Class C, or community supported agriculture shares have been added so that people can fund money in the beginning of the season, and "eat their investment" throughout the year.
    • The legal framework for a CSA is in place with this new share class, but we have not actually got it running yet.
    • We're planning to kick it off in early 2012, and would like to hear from you if you are interested.
    • Due to legal issues, CSA shareholders cannot receive raw milk without also being Class D shareholders.
  • Class D, or dairy shares allow legal raw milk distribution through shared ownership of our dairy goats and associated infrastructure.
    • This program is up and running, and we currently have 147 shareholders (including joint shareholders) receiving raw, grass-fed goat dairy products.
    • As of 4 February 2012, funding in this class is closed, but we expect to have more shares available after spring kidding.
    • Details are in our dairy herd share FAQ.
  • Class E, or energy shares allow for production of biodiesel and distribution to Class E shareholders.
    • We have successfully produced several thousand litres of biodiesel from used restaurant oil, but have not made any in some time.
    • The processor and facilities need some work. Those who can put some time and money into getting this off the ground are encouraged to contact us.

This is in addition to our original classes of involvement:

  • Members, at $1,000, are the primary decision-making shareholders. The elect from among themselves a board of directors who manage the day-to-day operation of the co-op.
  • Class A investment shares are the primary mechanism for funding the capital of the co-op, including the property, buildings, and infrastructure.
  • Class B investment shares are a way to recognize contributions of capital equipment or labour on capital projects.

We are still pursuing increased habitation based on agricultural labour needs, in clustered, zero-mile, affordable housing, built with natural and recycled materials, powered by local renewable resources.

But to get there, we need an additional "angel fundor" or two, in order to retire our debt and allow progress on long-term plans.

Call (250.653.2024) or email to get involved!

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