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This a request, open for discussion. It has not been deliberated to consensus by the villagers. It will be agreed, modified, or tabled at the meeting of 20100126.

Individual Funder Action Plan

GOAL: $400,000 by April 1, 2010

What When

  1. Call Fundraisers (Nicollette Whistler, Marcia Thomson and Bobbi Duvall UBC, Jan's 10, BMO Whistler) Feb 12
  2. Rapsheet (and script for conversation) emailed to Members 4 Feb
    • Resources and Plans page - cut and paste this data and discuss its completeness and make suggestions for improvement
    • Executive Summary; Who, What, Where, When, Why and How (2 pg max, inlcudes explanation of finances and investment shares) (Use Shannon and Jan's Finance models, other)
    • Levels of Contribution (from Land Purchase Fund Drive page, also in Participation Packet below)
    • Script - Questions to ask potential participants. (eg Advisory council already? Certain ques apply - eg. Investor potential?
  3. Participation Packet: 27-Jan
    • Use existing Wiki page contents or excerpts from them. Place into the following 4 main documents. All to be compiled into PDF - including URLs for more detail on some portions.
    • Executive Summary - Who, What Where, When, Why and How (2 pg max) Includes brief explanation of financing plan and investment shares
    • Building Guidelines (?)
    • CRD map / Google Earth map
    • Land Purchase Fund Drive page (from wiki) Proposal: let's add "names" to the Levels of Contribution: (note: on names: instead of bronze, silver, platinum I chose some biological levels/entities that had resonance for me. We could choose another series of names for the levels)
      • Human Level: Member application and process towards residency and directorship in the Co-Operative - $1000 member share (link to Membership page) and link to Membership application process page.
      • Ecosystem Level: Investor (One of 2 ways)
        • 1) Investment Shares (Class A) purchased. Proposal: Add to the Land Purchase Fund Drive page: Does not confer participation in Co-Operative decision making unless Membership is also pursued (and that Investment Shares can be purchased without being a Member)
        • 2) Investment placed in Land Purchase Trust - will be converted to Class A Investment Shares in September 2010 (or return to Investor if EcoReality's fundraising goal is not reached - URL to Trust Page) (add to
      • Plant Level: Supporter - $500 share - benefits: member pricelist for farm products, Plant a Tree in our Labyrinth/Roadscreen (need to add to
      • Community Level: Gifts - include donations of items we need (eg. composting toilets, solar panels, showerheads, garden tools, compost, labour)
      • Animal Level: Lender (Terms of loan to be determined, preferred pre-payment option, 0-4%, prefer over at least 5 years) (suggest changing wording of the "Loans" section on this page - simply to move the first sentence to later, as it is written in the negative.)
      • Cellular Level: Advisory Council - free - newsletters - events (not on there, needs to be added with join link)
    • Contact Us - information on Header and Footer of each page
    • Whole Packet in PDF file. Easy to email to folks.
  4. Learn Jan's database for adding names, contact info, information gleaned in phone calls/outreach Feb 15-18
  5. Call Advisory Council my List and related networks (20 calls minimum)
  6. Network through Advisory and develop Master list of all contacts in database (avg. 20 calls weekly, follow up calls also)
    • Conversations with other members to find out what they have done and keep enthusiasm high for being in touch with others outside our circle, asking for help and contributions.
  7. Work with fundraiser to divide calls, other strategies Feb 10-Mar 30
  8. Report to Group on Individual Funders (results and learnings from one full month of working on telephoning, emailing, contacting people in earnest, with help of fundraiser) 10-Mar
  9. Develop a Presentation geared to - Individual Funders mar 15
  10. $200,000 in shares, Trust, donations achieved April 1
  11. Re-evaluate this action plan and strategize for April, May, June 1-Apr</tab>

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