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NOTE: Since 2021-08-17 , labour reporting has been suspended due to general non-compliance, except for automatic entry of certain repetitive tasks, and any labour for which formal compensation is received, such as wage employment or apprenticeship.

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$0.44 per hour: gross productivity for all value exchanges on non-capital projects.

$22.73 per hour: gross productivity for monetary exchanges only on non-capital projects.

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Profit CentrePaidTradeBoth
Body Care$451.40$2.22$453.62
Market Garden$11.45$0.15$11.60
Medicinal Herbs$53.82$53.82
Transplant Propagation$224.67$11.19$235.85

NOTE: High productivity values are most likely due to under-reporting of labour than from an incredible secret money-making machine.

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