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2012 BC Assessment return

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See also 2012 BC Assessment sales log

This is information required by BC Assessment for "farm tax status" in regard to property taxes.

Transcribe these numbers to the proper section of the "Farm Income Return" supplied by BC Assessment.

For longer tables that won't fit on the form, copy the table, paste it into a spreadsheet, make changes as necessary to comply with the requirements stated on the "Farm Income Return" from BC Assessment, print, and attach to the return being filed.

Livestock Born on the Property

55goat, female38.080kilograms$300.00estimate32012-04-242012-04-29
54goat, male25.300kilograms$100.00estimate22012-04-292012-04-29

Poultry and Egg Production

37eggs, chicken2,841each$1,183.73actual3552012-01-012012-12-31

Other Qualifying Agricultural Products

Type of Farm ProductionQuantity ProducedQuantity MarketedUnitsSale Price
Market Garden9,753.159,753.15each$9,389.82

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