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Resource stewardship/ownership

  • "A resource is anything that can be of use to humans." (Minutes:20070303) It can refer to items that are owned by the co-op or members. Items include: Tools, vehicles, electronics, buried spaceships etc.
  • The goal of this session is to briefly discuss this topic as a full group and determine a timeline for further discussions or action items.
  • Points to discuss:
    • In relation to the farm and garden- What is the long term goal of the co-op as far as ownership goes? Do we want the co-op to own the tools and materials or individuals?
    • If co-op ownership is desired, what is a timeline for transferring ownership of items and materials to the co-op?
    • Who will steward various items?
    • What will the protocol be for usage and maintenance, beyond what has already been agreed?
    • If items are individually owned and being used by the co-op does the co-op pay for use?
    • What if an individually owned item gets lost or damaged when being used for co-op use? Is the co-op responsible for replacement or repair?
    • Are there situations where users might be responsible for replacing or repairing an item out of their own expense? Is this desired or to be avoided in the long term?

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